29 Nov 2018: New delay in start-up of Finnish EPR: Last month, the plant's supplier - the Areva-Siemens consortium - announced it wanted to update the schedule for completing the unit as commissioning tests were taking longer than planned. More >>>
21 Nov 2018: Getting customers to pay for new nuclear upfront: EDF is pushing a plan to finance nuclear investment in Britain. But the mechanism has never been tried for a project as technically complicated and lengthy as a nuclear power station. More >>>
21 Nov 2018: Closure urged after 350 cracks found in nuclear reactor: More than 350 cracks have been discovered in an ageing nuclear power reactor at Hunterston in North Ayrshire. More >>>
18 Nov 2018: The real cost of nuclear and why it is so expensive: How much does a nuclear plant cost? Take Britain's Hinkley Point in Somerset, currently under construction with a completion date pencilled in for some time in the late 2020s. More >>>
08 Nov 2018: Toshiba's UK withdrawal puts Cumbria nuclear plant in doubt: Toshiba plans to wind up its UK nuclear business after failing to find a buyer, dealing a potentially fatal blow to plans for a new nuclear power station in Cumbria. More >>>
20 Aug 2018: Majority of UK public want to install solar panels, poll finds: More than half of the British public would install solar panels and home batteries to tackle climate change if there was greater assistance from the government, polling has found. More >>>
19 Aug 2018: Water at Fukushima nuclear plant still radioactive even after treatment: Government wants to dump the contaminated water into the sea, but locals and fishermen oppose the idea. More >>>
17 Aug 2018: Why Is Britain Throwing Limitless Cash At A New Generation of Dirty Nuclear?: The outer defensive wall of what is expected to be the world’s most expensive nuclear power station is taking shape on the shoreline of the choppy gray waters of the Bristol Channel in western England. More >>>
08 Aug 2018: What are coastal nuclear power plants doing to address climate threats?: More than half of the British public would install solar panels and home batteries to tackle climate change if there was greater assistance from the government, polling has found. More >>>
02 Aug 2018: Group warns of threat to Hinkley if sea levels rise: Campaigners against Hinkley C say the nuclear power station could be at risk from rising sea levels caused by global warming. More >>>
01 Aug 2018: EDF rejects fears that Hinkley C will be vulnerable to rising sea levels: Stop Hinkley has written to the Office for Nuclear Regulation to express concern about recent reports that the area could be heading for a sea-level rise of as much as 6 metres during the lifetime of the Hinkley Point C power station. More >>>
29 Jul 2018: Beware China's role in UK nuclear industry: Jeffrey Henderson warns against Chinese state-owned firms playing a decisive part in one of our most strategically important industries. More >>>
13 Jul 2018: MEP hits out at European court ruling over Hinkley C funding: An Austrian appeal against UK Government funding for Hinkley C has been dismissed after a sprawling investigation. More >>>
16 Mar 2018: UK Regulator Says Improvements Are Needed In Hinkley Point C Supply Chain: The UK’s nuclear regulator has identified five key areas of supply chain management where improvements are needed ahead of acceleration in both construction and manufacturing for the Hinkley Point C EPR project. More >>>
28 Dec 2017: UK enjoyed 'greenest year for electricity ever' in 2017: The UK has achieved its greenest year ever in terms of how the nation's electricity is generated, National Grid figures reveal. The rise of renewable energy helped break 13 clean energy records in 2017. More >>>
21 Dec 2017: Hinkley Point: the ‘dreadful deal’ behind the world’s most expensive power plant: Building Britain’s first new nuclear reactor since 1995 will cost twice as much as the 2012 Olympics – and by the time it is finished, nuclear power could be a thing of the past. How could the government strike such a bad deal? More >>>
20 Dec 2017: Horizon CEO says Hinkley model is a one-off: Duncan Hawthorne, CEO of Horizon Nuclear Power, says a consensus is forming across government and industry that the Hinkley financing model - which involved EDF and its Chinese partner CGN covering the entire cost of construction - will not be repeated, according to his comments to the Financial Times. More >>>
11 Dec 2017: Nuclear industry in pledge to drive down build costs: The nuclear industry has pledged to deliver a 30% reduction in the cost of new build projects as part of a wide-ranging ‘sector deal’ with the government. More >>>
31 Oct 2017: Dodgy Decommissioning Deals: The UK Government has been forced to pay out £97m in a settlement with two US companies – Energy Solutions and Bechtel - for mishandling the way it awarded the £6.1bn Magnox nuclear decommissioning contract. The BBC’s File on Four has been delving in to some of the details of the contract, and what they have discovered suggests what went on was more than just “dramatic levels of incompetence”, as the Labour Party called it, but was, in fact, a deliberate attempt to manipulate the outcome of the tender process. More >>>
27 Oct 2017: 28,000 sign petition to stop radioactive mud being dumped in channel: EDF has a licence that allows it to dump up to 200,000 cubic meters of dredged material from Hinkley A & B nuclear sites in an area of the Bristol Channel. More >>>
03 Jul 2017: Hinkley Point: EDF adds £1.5bn to nuclear plant cost: French energy supplier EDF has estimated that the cost of completing the new Hinkley Point nuclear plant will be nearly 10% more than expected.. More >>>
02 Jun 2017: Government bid to kill off solar power: Campaigners against the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station have accused the Government of deliberately trying to kill of solar power. More >>>
18 May 2017: Conservative election manifesto signals the end of new nuclear power: After years of pro-nuclear bombast from the Conservative Party, its 2017 manifesto hasn't got a single word to say about nuclear power. More >>>
20 Mar 2017: UN asks UK to suspend work on Hinkley Point: Move likely to embarrass British government as UN agency says lack of talks with Europe means it should refrain from further work. More >>>
07 Mar 2017: Changes to UK nuclear liability regime: With the return of nuclear new build in the UK, the potential to be liable for nuclear damage will be of vital importance to all parties in the nuclear supply chain as well as investors and funders of new nuclear projects. More >>>
10 Feb 2017: UK’s nuclear security of supply imperiled: The UK could run out of nuclear fuel following its withdrawal from Euratom. More >>>
09 Feb 2017: Fire at French nuclear power plant takes reactor off grid: A fire caused an explosion at the Flamanville nuclear power plant in northwest France. More >>>
08 Feb 2017: US firm to trial wave power on ‘unprecedented’ scale in Cornwall: GWave has been developing its Power Generation Vessel technology for the past decade and is now preparing to ship the first full-scale prototype across the Atlantic ahead of installation. More >>>
02 Feb 2017: France's EDF power company to slash thousands more jobs: EDF, which is 85 percent state-owned, aims to shed 5,200-7,000 jobs by the end of its four-year restructuring plan. More >>>
02 Feb 2017: Solar-linked battery storage trial begins in Somerset: The £1 million trial near Butleigh is connected to both the distribution network and a 1.5MW solar farm. More >>>
25 Jan 2017: NEWS FROM BRIDGWATER: If situation doesn’t improve, roadworks should be halted says councillor: A LOCAL councillor has said that the well-being of Bridgwater people “needs to come before EDF Energy lorries” on the second day of traffic chaos in the town. More >>>
22 Jan 2017: Safety fears over EDF bid to permit doubling of nuclear reactor cracks: THE nuclear industry is secretly bidding to relax safety standards to allow the doubling of the number of cracks in the radioactive cores of Scotland's ageing reactors. More >>>
24 Jan 2017: Brexit could put Hinkley over budget and behind schedule: EDF made its comments in a submission to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee. More >>>
21 Nov 2016: Hinkley Point consultants cost government over £20m: The UK government spent about £20m on consultants to help negotiate aspects of the deal to build Hinkley C nuclear power station, the BBC has learnt. More >>>
01 Nov 2016: Nuclear Futures: Our nuclear power stations are being pushed to run well past their planned life-span. Matthew Hill of BBC Radio 4 asks if this is putting us all in danger. More >>>
17 Oct 2016: Brexit could hurt Hinkley nuclear progress: The project has already overcome legal obstacles, conflict within the EDF board and other issues, but Brexit now threatens the ability of the project’s developers to bring in the skilled personnel it needs to produce the facility. More >>>
06 Sep 2016: EU hits energy reduction target six years early: Major savings reported across all sectors before 2020 goal but analysts warn UK could reverse gains after Brexit. More >>>
02 Sep 2016: Nuclear site police reveal 130 security breaches: Police guarding the UK's nuclear sites have revealed there have been 130 security breaches over the past five years - including a missing gun. More >>>
01 Sep 2016: Decentralised energy ‘quicker way to decarbonise’ than Hinkley: Decentralised energy would be a quicker solution to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions than Hinkley Point C, the chair of the Renewable Energy Association has insisted. More >>>
11 Aug 2016: May urged to pull plug immediately on Hinkley C over spying allegations: Theresa May is being urged to pull the plug, after new allegations of spying in the US by a consultant working for the Chinese co-investor in the planned nuclear plant. More >>>
30 Jul 2016: EDF Why the Delay?: Fears over cost and China role. More >>>
21 Jul 2016: EDF Calls for Final Decision on Building Hinkley Point Reactors: Electricite de France SA has set a board meeting for next week to consider moving forward with a $24 billion project to build two nuclear reactors in the U.K. More >>>
21 Jul 2016: The EDF headquarters raided by the Financial Markets Authority: The AMF examines the financial information provided by the electric utility market since 2013. The subjects of “major overhaul” and EPR Hinkley Point is a central concern. More >>>
21 Jul 2016: Vattenfall commits to £300m UK offshore windfarm despite Brexit: Aberdeen Bay windfarm near Donald Trump golf course will be key testing ground for reducing cost of offshore turbines. More >>>
15 Jul 2016: UK's nuclear clean-up cost estimate dips to $154 billion: The cost of cleaning up the UK's historic nuclear sites has decreased slightly from last year's estimate, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority said in its Nuclear Provision corporate report. More >>>
13 Jul 2016: Stop Hinkley Campaign Gains Vivienne Westwood As Patron: Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE has announced that she will become a patron of Stop Hinkley as a result of EDF Energy’s plans to build two large new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. More >>>
June 2016: Letter to the Western Daily Press: There was a salutary warning when an eminent geologist revealed that the latest research has discovered an ancient fault-line under the sea which produced an earthquake of magnitude 4 on the Richter scale as recently as ten years ago. More >>>
06 Jun 2016: Factcheck: Which parts of the UK are windy enough for windfarms?: Onshore windfarms offer the cheapest form of new electricity generation in the UK, says the chief executive of industry group RenewableUK, as long as they are at windy locations. More >>>
05 Jun 2016: EDF to raise funds for Hinkley Point from sale of stake in prized European asset: The debt-laden French state-controlled energy provider needs to sell non-core assets in order to fund the tens of billions of euros of investment that Hinkley Point requires. More >>>
30 May 2016: EDF's Hinkley Point deal over radioactive waste sparks anger: A furious row has broken out after the Dept of Energy & Climate Change refused to disclose the arrangement with EDF for dealing with radioactive waste at Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. More >>>
25 May 2016: Fukushima clean-up chief still hunting for 600 tonnes of melted radioactive fuel: In an exclusive interview the Tokyo Electric Power Company's chief of decommissioning at Fukushima said they hoped to pinpoint the position of the fuel and begin removing it in 2021. But he admitted the technology needed to remove the fuel has to be invented. More >>>
24 May 2016: EDF says cannot give timing for UK nuclear investment decision: EDF Energy CEO told members of parliament's energy and climate change committee some of the company's trade union members had suggested the project should be delayed by 2-3 years. The final decision would be taken once a consultation by the company's central works council had taken place. More >>>
13 May 2016: From one disaster to the next - Hinkley C's last days?: Another week, another series of disasters for EDF and it's Hinkley C nuclear power project, with the company's credit rating downgraded partly due to its exposure to the project, and its Chinese partner CGN ruling out a takeover of the site. More >>>
13 May 2016: Russia's state-owned nuclear group keen to break into UK market: A Russian nuclear group is hoping that the potential meltdown of French plans to build new European pressurised reactors at Hinkley Point could offer an opportunity to break into the British nuclear market. More >>>
12 May 2016: Hinkley Point costs could rise to £21bn, EDF admits: The cost of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant could reach almost £21bn, £3bn more than planned, EDF has admitted, as it published a construction timetable suggesting first power could be delayed until 2026. More >>>
12 May 2016: Subsidy U-turn clouds future of major Scottish windfarm: Developers of an offshore windfarm have taken legal action after vital subsidies were withdrawn. More >>>
11 May 2016: England couldn’t cope with a nuclear accident at Hinkley Point: Since the first wave of nuclear power stations was built between the 1950s and 1980s, we know much more about the management of nuclear accidents – which will inevitably happen, however safe the plants are. More >>>
09 May 2016: EDF works council votes for independent study on Hinkley point: EDF's works council said it had voted to order an external study into the French utility's project to build two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point. More >>>
08 May 2016: Hinkley Point: UN says UK failed to consult over risks: UN Economic and Social Council says Britain has not met its obligations to discuss the impact of nuclear accident with neighbouring countries. More >>>
28 Apr 2016: All Belgians to be given iodine pills for nuclear safety: The Belgian government has agreed to distribute iodine pills to the country's entire population as a nuclear safety precaution. More >>>
06 Apr 2016: Nuclear industry reveals its unsolved problem: waste: Britain is shipping 700kg of highly-enriched uranium capable of making scores of nuclear bombs to the US. More >>>

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The Times, 21 Aug 2015
Predicting future energy prices can be tricky, as anyone foxed by sub-$50 oil might testify — ie just about everyone. So, how nice to come across a bunch of people who know exactly where prices will be for the next 45 years.
Who they? None other than the British government, an institution itching for October when it can give away billions of pounds we don’t have to France and China. That’s when David Cameron plans to sign up to Hinkley Point C, the first new nuclear power station for a generation, and yours for a snip at £24.5 billion. More >>>

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