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West Somerset Council opposes Hinkley C

27 February 2007

Hinkley Point's Tory controlled local authority has agreed to oppose the building of a new nuclear power station at the Hinkley site.

The surprising revelation was uncovered by Nuclear Free Local Authorities' solicitor, Jamie Woolley who has been tracking down the nuclear policies of councils affected by Government proposals to build new nuclear power stations.

A policy opposing future nuclear energy was voted on in 1998 as part of a council plan which required consultation and subsequent adoption. Last week the Assistant Planning Policy Officer confirmed that the strategy, including the anti-nuclear policy had been endorsed, apparently without publicity, last April.

Although such a small local authority would ultimately have little power in any decision to build a Hinkley C, the fact it will oppose the scheme prevents the Government from by-passing a local public inquiry. Should West Somerset not oppose Hinkley C the Government would astonishingly have the right under UK law to advance the plans without an inquiry.

The decision may show the unwillingness of the Tory Party to adopt the unpopular policy to go nuclear. A Financial Times poll in November showed only 34 percent support building more nuclear power stations, reducing to just 21 percent of those who live within 65 miles of existing reactors.

Jim Duffy, spokesman for Stop Hinkley said: "The Government and nuclear operators have got it all wrong. They imagined local authorities at existing sites would welcome yet more nuclear power stations. But even Conservative councilors, who traditionally supported nuclear, can see it's a vote loser and don't want to back the plan."


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