Stop Hinkley Press release

No to bribes to take n-waste

25 October 2006

Stop Hinkley campaigners have railed at the Government support for nuclear waste proposals. These include offering incentives to local communities who are prepared to run the risk of having nuclear waste repositories nearby.

The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management in July proposed that local communities should be approached and offered swimming pools and improved roads in order to pave the way to build a Deep Repository in their area.

Local Councillors and MPs would be given the final say on the matter.

Jim Duffy from Stop Hinkley said: "Poorer communities might be persuaded to host these toxic tips and get a short-term sweetener in exchange but it's a bad deal. CoRWM knew in April that the tips will be three times more toxic than EU and British laws allow and 100 times more than permissible at Swedish nuclear repositories."

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