23 Jan 09: Government nuclear clean-up firm nominates Oldbury for new nuclear build: Shut Oldbury campaigners reacted with shock and surprise at the nomination of Oldbury as a site for a new nuclear power station. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today announced the nomination of four UK sites for purchasers to build new nuclear power stations on, including Oldbury in South Gloucestershire. More >>>
18 Dec 08: Oldbury permitted to operate past closure date: Campaigners are astonished that the UK's oldest operating reactor has been permitted to continue operating past its planned closure date at the end of this month and despite safety concerns for the past six years. The twin reactors at Oldbury have been shut down alternately for the past six years. Documents produced for the Shut Oldbury campaign under the Freedom of Information Act are littered with phrases such as 'damaged' and 'defective' referring to the reactor core problem. More >>>
27 Nov 08: Oldbury set for nuclear expansion: Shut Oldbury campaigners are angry with Government plans to sell off land at Oldbury to build a second nuclear reactor. The state-owned Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today set in motion the auction of land adjacent to Oldbury. Campaigners say a new reactor on the Severn could be dangerous and harmful to local people's health. The NDA is jumping the gun as the results of a consultation on potential nuclear sites have not yet been announced. More >>>
29 Sep 08: Study on local public acceptance of new nuclear power stations: Stop Hinkley (Shut Oldbury) campaigners have welcomed a five year Cardiff University study that shows only qualified support for nuclear new build in communities near potential sites. More >>>
11 Sep 08: New plans for German/French reactor at Oldbury: Campaigners reacted angrily to news that German energy utility E.ON is planning to build a nuclear reactor on the banks of the River Severn at Oldbury in Gloucestershire. The company is negotiating a deal with National Grid to connect a 1600 megawatt reactor on the site where it is interested in buying land from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority who own the existing 450 megawatt reactor. More >>>
24 Jul 08: EdF set to buy Hinkley company: Campaigners have railed at the news that French government owned EdF are set to buy British Energy who own Hinkley Point B and seven other UK nuclear power stations. EdF look set to increase their bid. Stop Hinkley campaigners are concerned about poor maintenance at nuclear plants operated by EdF's sister company Areva which this week led to one hundred nuclear workers becoming contaminated at a reactor near Avignon. More >>
09 Jul 08: New planning laws restrict public say on reactors: New planning laws currently going through parliament will restrict the public's voice on proposed new reactors at Hinkley and Oldbury. The Planning Reform Bill is now with the House of Lords following a Commons vote contested by 68 labour rebels and the Liberal Democrats. More >>>
28 Apr 08: Bid to build unproven reactor at Oldbury: Shut Oldbury campaigners reacted with dismay at proposals to build an unproven nuclear reactor at the Oldbury site in South Gloucestershire. A consortium is bidding to build a Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactor at the site where the existing corroded reactor is due to close at the end of this year. More >>>>>
27 Dec 07: Proposals to put off maintenance at Oldbury: Proposals to put off maintenance for twelve months while continuing to run ageing Oldbury nuclear power station have been branded as completely outrageous by campaigners. Reactor 2 at Oldbury suffered a series of incidents when it was restarted after two years of inspections last May. More >>>>>>>
12 July 07: New Oldbury incident triggers demand for closure: Oldbury nuclear power station was forced to shut down due to vibrations in a turbine linked to the reactor, the second recent event causing the reactor to be 'tripped', triggering repeated demands to permanently shut the power station and questions about its augmented role funding the decommissioning authority. More >>>>>>>
17 June 07: Cautions overuled in Oldbury report: An internal report shows that a nuclear reactor at Oldbury is unsafe to operate but, despite cautions concerning a nuclear fire, is allowed to operate for six months. The same safety document reveals that a new safety system should be installed and an automatic 'trip' system is periodically suspended. But despite these concerns reactor 2,as still recently allowed to restart on a temporary basis. More >>>>>
04 June 07: New report shows regulators' concerns over Oldbury: An internal report shows that a nuclear reactor at Oldbury is unsafe to operate through to its planned closure date of December 2008. The same safety document reveals that an automatic 'trip' system has been suspended and a new safety system should be installed which could take two years to fit. But despite these concerns reactor 2, which has already been closed for two years for safety reasons, was recently allowed to restart. More >>>>>
30 May 07: Fire at Oldbury triggers new demands for closure: Campaigners have again demanded the permanent closure of Oldbury nuclear power station following a generator fire in a reactor which had just restarted after a two year shut-down. A fire developed in one of the generators linked to reactor 2. The insulation around the generator was doused by automatic systems and the reactor was manually shut down. More >>>>>
25 May 07: Hinkley, Oldbury and Berkeley listed for new reactors: Three West Country sites have been favoured for new nuclear reactors. The DTI commissioned report was slipped out amongst the hundreds of pages published yesterday. Hinkley Point is at the top of the list showing the industry's favoured sites for building the nuclear plants proposed by the Government in its Energy White Paper. More >>>>>
17 May 07: Fears of Oldbury restart. Campaigners fear that a reactor that has been shut for two years through safety concerns is about to be fired up again this month. Shut Oldbury campaigners are appalled at the safety risks involved in restarting the corroded reactor and are fearful that the back-up safety systems are inadequate. More >>>>>
30 Aug 06: Oldbury shuts completely despite industry £5 million spent on graphite tests: Both reactors will shortly be shut as safety regulators say they have seen nothing to persuade them that Oldbury nuclear power station is safe to restart and despite the industry spending more than £5 million researching the safety of graphite reactor cores.
13 Jan 06: Don't create a local terrorist target. Stop Hinkley supports the Greenpeace view that a new nuclear power station at Hinkley or Oldbury would be an unforgivable mistake due to the risk of terrorism.
06 Sep 05: "Expert rebuts Oldbury defence." A top independent nuclear consultant has rebutted as nonsense the regulators' comments that Oldbury's reactor cores will stay safe as long as they are not exposed to higher extremes of radiation.
08 Feb 05: "Oldbury safety inspections hit by staff crisis." The regulators have cut back on front-line inspections to nuclear plants due to increased pressure on staff from added workloads, failure of a recruitment campaign and a work-to-rule by the inspectors .

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