01 May 2019: Nuclear Power is no solution to climate emergency: Hinkley Point C site in danger of being inundated by rising sea-levels. In the week in which parliament will debate whether to declare a national environmental and climate change emergency, Stop Hinkley has warned against assuming that nuclear power can play a role in meeting these ambitious new targets. More >>>
11 Apr 2019: EPR Reactors & Hinkley Point C: Time to close down a disastrous episode: Further delays have been announced for the planned opening dates for the European Pressurised Reactors at Flamanville in France and Olkiluoto in Finland. These are both forerunners of the type of reactor being planned for Hinkley Point C. More >>>
29 Jan 2019: UK Energy Policy and Hinkley Point C at a Tipping Point: UK Energy Policy is at a tipping point. Following the withdrawal of two Japanese giants from nuclear projects at Moorside in Cumbria and Wylfa on Anglesey - it is now clearer than ever that it would be cheaper to build new renewable capacity rather than continue building Hinkley Point C. More >>>
15 Nov 2018: Lessons for Hinkley from Sellafield: On the morning after the Financial Times has called on the UK Government to reassess its long-term energy plans following the demise of Toshiba’s Moorside nuclear project, Stop Hinkley has published a briefing about lessons we can learn from the Sellafield Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant which is in the process of closing after only 24 years of operation and a very chequered performance.. More >>>
17 Sep 2018: Stop Hinkley Comment on Paris Court Ruling on Hinkley Point C Risks: A court in Paris last Wednesday ordered French utility EDF to release a risk analysis report to the group’s works council (CEE) concerning its Hinkley Point C nuclear project. More >>>
30 Jul 2018: Stop Hinkley expresses concern about sea-level rises at nuclear site: Stop Hinkley has written to the Office for Nuclear Regulation [ONR] to express concern about recent reports that we could be heading for a sea-level rise of as much as 6 metres during the lifetime of the Hinkley Point C site. More >>>
23 Apr 2018: Hinkley Point C and the Gold Rush Economy: Soaring rents are not just a big city problem when huge infrastructure projects descend on small towns. Rents in Bridgwater, the town closest to Hinkley Point, have risen by about 8% in the last year. More >>>
11 Apr 2018: Hinkley Point C reactor – a slow motion car crash: Commenting on today’s news that EDF found defects in the welding in the reactor it is building at Flamanville in Normandy which is the same type as the one proposed for Hinkley Point C, Stop Hinkley spokesperson said. More >>>
04 Jan 2018: Stop Hinkley submits response to the Helm ‘cost of energy’ review: Abandoning Hinkley Point C now could save consumers almost £1.5bn per year for 35 years from 2027. More >>>
14 Dec 2017: Hinkley Point uncooked Christmas Turkey: Stop Hinkley members arrived at Hinkley Point C building site to deliver the uncooked Christmas dinner turkey and asked “It’s 2017, EDeF! Where’s the lecce for the HPC turkey?” More >>>
25 Sep 2017: Time to Cancel Hinkley Point C: Reflecting much of the media comment, since offshore wind costs as low as £57.50/MWh were announced earlier this month, the Guardian’s editorial said the precipitous drop in the price of electricity from offshore wind turbines should “blow away” the UK’s nuclear plans. More >>>
03 Jul 2017: Hinkley Point C Costs Increase to at least £20 billion: If Hinkley Point C goes ahead it will almost certainly be the most expensive human-made object on the planet. More >>>
23 Jun 2017: National Audit Office issues devastating critique of Hinkley Point C deal: Today’s report by the National Audit Office is a pretty devastating critique of the deal struck between the Government and EDF Energy on Hinkley Point C. More >>>
09 May 2017: If Theresa May really cared about energy prices she would cancel Hinkley Point C: Commenting on today’s news that Theresa May is to press ahead with her promised cap on energy prices, Stop Hinkley spokesperson said: “If Theresa May wants to cut energy prices, the first thing she should do is cancel Hinkley Point C.” More >>>
29 Mar 2017: Stop Hinkley asks why should anyone believe this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors?: The day after the Government announced it was being forced to pay nearly £100m for botching a nuclear decommissioning contract and on the same day that nuclear company Westinghouse has filed for bankruptcy in the US courts, the Stop Hinkley Campaign asks why anyone should believe that this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors? More >>>
20 Mar 2017: A United Nations body has asked the UK to suspend Hinkley Point C pending an environmental assessment: The UN Economic Commission for Europe requested the pause until it established whether “a notification under the Espoo Convention” was useful. The Espoo Convention sets out the obligations of countries to “assess the environmental impact of certain activities.” More >>>
17 Feb 2017: Failing New Nuclear Programme should be Scrapped: The Nuclear Free Local Authorities has called on UK ministers and officials to take stock of the UK’s new nuclear strategy. It is clearly failing to deliver. More >>>
05 Jan 2017: Stop Hinkley calls for all work at Hinkley Point C to be suspended: Stop Hinkley is calling on EDF Energy to stop all work on Hinkley Point C at least until the French nuclear industry gets a clean bill of health from the French regulator and we know the outcome of the ongoing investigation into the use of poor quality steel at the reactor being built at Flamanville. More >>>
01 Dec 2016: Hinkley Point C: A Story of Good vs Evil for the Pantomime Season: Solar power is expected to be the cheapest form of energy (not just electricity) everywhere in the world by around 2030.Yet the UK Government and the French nuclear industry continue to struggle on with failed nuclear technology. Stop Hinkley says it’s a real story of good versus evil for the pantomime season. More >>>
29 Sep 2016: Signing of Contracts with EDF an Enormous Error of Judgement: According to news reports the UK Government will today sign contracts with EDF Energy for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. More >>>
14 Sep 2016: Over 300,000 people call for Hinkley to be scrapped: Stop Hinkley campaigners will join Greenpeace at 11am on Thursday 15th September to hand in a petition at 10 Downing Street. More >>>
31 Aug 2016: If it’s jobs they want, Labour and the Unions should back renewables not Hinkley Point C: The 900 direct permanent jobs which could be created at Hinkley Point C would cost electricity consumers an extra £800,000 per job per year compared to jobs in renewables in terms of increased costs of electricity. More >>>
03 Aug 2016 : Government Hinkley Point C review a wonderful opportunity to declare Somerset the sustainable energy hub for England: It has now been a few days since the Government shocked the energy industry by announcing a further review of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station just a few hours after EDF approved the project. More >>>
26 July 2016: Stop Hinkley says a Final Investment Decision for Hinkley Point C would be little more than spin as problems mount for nuclear delusion: Ahead of an expected Final Investment Decision by EDF’s Board on 28th July, Stop Hinkley has written to the new Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to ask him to stamp his own mark on energy policy by ditching proposals for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C. (letter here). More >>>
12 July 2016: Vivienne Westwood becomes Stop Hinkley Patron: With EDF Energy’s plans to build two massive new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset looking ever more precarious, Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE has announced that she will become a patron of Stop Hinkley. More >>>
16 May 2016: Plan B for Hinkley doesn’t have to be nuclear. Stop Hinkley Campaign calls for a renewables Plan B for Hinkley: According to Nick Butler writing in the Financial Times “the UK government is preparing a plan B, while continuing to claim that Hinkley will still go ahead. Mr Osborne wanted Hinkley but he is the ultimate realist.” More >>>
05 May 2016: Hinkley Point C Plans Thrown into Chaos: Plans for Hinkley Point C have been thrown into chaos, according to The Times, after the admission that engineers have falsified vital safety tests on parts supplied to reactors in France. More >>>
20 Apr 2016: Hinkley Point C could be abandoned without risking power cuts: Commenting on the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change’s letter to the Chair of the House of Commons Energy & Climate Change Committee, Stop Hinkley spokesperson said....More >>>
17 Mar 2016: Five Reasons Why the Government Shouldn’t be Backing Hinkley Point C: In response to a growing clamour for Hinkley C to be cancelled, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has published a list of 5 reasons why it is backing the nuclear plant. This is Stop Hinkley's response. More>>
16 Feb 2016: Stop Hinkley calls on EDF Energy to abandon Hinkley Point C: Stop Hinkley will be holding a peaceful protest at 1pm today outside EDF Energy’s offices in King Square, Bridgwater and delivering the attached letter. More >>>
27 Jan 2016: Hinkley Point C likely to be “dead in the water”: Stop Hinkley has learnt that the final investment decision on Hinkley Point C has been taken off the agenda of today’s EDF Board meeting because of serious concerns among the private investors about how the project will be financed. The main item on the agenda is now expected to be the company’s merger with Areva, the French nuclear energy group. More >>>
26 Jan 2016: Hinkley Point C Final Investment Decision would be foolhardy: This Wednesday the Board of EDF is expected to decide whether to take a final investment decision on funding the controversial new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point. But EDF have some very substantial problems which suggest that giving Hinkley Point C the go-ahead could call the very future of the company into question. More >>>
25 Jan 2016: Hinkley Point C will add 80% to the UK radioactive waste stockpile: As press reports suggest that EDF may take a final investment decision on the Hinkley Point C proposals this week, Stop Hinkley has released a new briefing on the huge impact the Somerset reactors would have on the UK’s radioactive waste stockpile. More >>>
14 Jan 2016: Hinkley Point C threatens reckless EDF’s survival: According to the French newspaper, Le Figaro, EDF could make a final decision on the proposed construction of Hinkley Point C at its Board of Directors meeting on 27th January 2016. More >>>
11 Dec 2015: Stop Hinkley welcomes Paris Agreement, but decries nuclear lobbying: Stop Hinkley has today welcomed news that a deal on tackling climate change is in sight at the Paris talks. However, lobbyists and nuclear industry champions have been in overdrive during the Conference. More >>>
24 Nov 2015: Jonathon Porritt and Molly Scott Cato MEP join list of Stop Hinkley Campaign Patrons as UK Government energy policy goes backwards: The Government’s energy policy is looking increasingly inept, as Jonathon Porritt and Molly Scott Cato MEP agree to act as Patrons to the Stop Hinkley Campaign. More >>>
22 Oct 2015: Campaign continues - Hinkley Point C announcements a false dawn: The Stop Hinkley Campaign today declared the campaign against the proposals to build a new nuclear station at Hinkley Point C as far from over. More >>>
14 Oct 2015: Government’s own data no longer justifies nuclear power: Group threatens legal action if it fails to review policy: Stop Hinkley has welcomed the publication of a report which demonstrates unequivocally that the Government’s own data no longer justifies the choice of nuclear power as part of the energy mix. More >>>
11 Oct 2015: Denis Baupin, Vice President of French National Assembly, joins White Elephant Demonstration at Hinkley Point: On a beautiful sunny afternoon Dennis Baupin and Molly Scott Cato MEP spoke eloquently in front of the greatest White Elephant in the history of UK construction, Hinkley Point. More >>>
22 Sep 2015: Campaign calls on Cameron to End Co-operation with Chinese State-Owned Nuclear Companies: Stop Hinkley has written to David Cameron to urge him to end co-operation with Chinese state-owned nuclear companies, and not to invite them to invest in proposed new reactors at Hinkley Point.
10 Sep 2015: Hinkley Point C – Can it survive the continuing onslaught?: Since the Stop Hinkley Campaign asked in the middle of last month if there anyone left who still thinks the Hinkley Point C nuclear project is a good idea, the onslaught against proposals has continued, yet the man with his hands on the purse strings doesn't seem to know what's going on. More >>>
03 Sep 2015: French reactor – same type as proposed for Hinkley Point C – now three times original cost: Stop Hinkley says the latest news from France makes the Hinkley Point C project even less likely to go-ahead. More >>>
25 Aug 2015: Are these the dying days of Hinkley Point C?: More delays are being predicted for the Hinkley Point C nuclear project - originally expected to be generating electricity by Christmas 2017. More >>>
13 Aug 2015: Is there anyone left who thinks this unsustainable Hinkley Point C nuclear project is a good idea?: Following the latest remarks from a retired nuclear scientist that Hinkley Point C is the wrong design and too expensive, the Stop Hinkley Campaign asks "how many more attacks on the proposals will it take before the Government and EDF finally call a halt?”. More >>>
22 Jul 2015: Former Tory Energy Minister calls for Hinkley C to be abandoned: Stop Hinkley has welcomed a speech by a former Conservative Secretary of State for Energy, who today described the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station as "by far the biggest future burden on consumers and households". More >>>
13 Jul 2015: Problems for Hinkley Project Continue to Mount Up: As problems continue to pile up for the Hinkley Point C project, Stop Hinkley has renewed its call to EDF to cut its losses and let Somerset get on with planning a sustainable renewable energy future. More >>>
16 Jun 2015: Stop Hinkley welcomes calls to admit Hinkley will not go-ahead: Stop Hinkley has today welcomed news that Labour's shadow climate change minister, has called on the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to admit that Hinkley Point C will not proceed and to inform parliament what her alternative energy strategy will be. More >>>
08 May 2015: 100% Renewables in the South-West is Possible: Stop Hinkley has called on the new Government to raise its ambitions on energy policy and transform the South-West England economy. More >>>
17 Apr 2015: Stop Hinkley calls on EDF Energy to cut its losses on Hinkley Point C: The future of the Hinkley Point C Project is hanging in the balance after further details emerged about problems at a similar nuclear plant being built at Flamanville in Normandy. More >>>
12 Mar 2015: Radioactive Waste in Somerset: Following revelations this week of the huge hurdles still in the way of an investment decision for Hinkley Point C, the Stop Hinkley Campaign turns its attention to the radioactive waste legacy the proposed reactors would leave behind if they were ever built. More >>>
03 Mar 2015: Stop Hinkley calls on Labour to re-examine Hinkley Deal: The Stop Hinkley Campaign, along with FoE, Greenpeace and the NFLA, has written to the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to ask her to commit to re-examining the deal between the Government and EDF Energy regarding Hinkley Point C in the event of the Labour Party winning the next election. More >>>
12 Feb 2015: UK accused of Bullying Austria over Hinkley: For the UK to resort to bullying tactics shows how desperate the Government is to salvage this increasingly moribund nuclear project. More >>>
09 Feb 2015: Hinkley Point C investment delayed anything from six months to five years: Stop Hinkley has today welcomed news that the final investment decision for the Hinkley Point C proposal has been delayed at least until the Autumn this year, and possibly by as much as five years. More >>>
22 Jan 2015: Stop Hinkley welcomes Austrian Government's legal move against Hinkley: The Stop Hinkley Campaign has today welcomed the Austrian Government's announcement that it will go-ahead with a legal challenge against the European Union's decision to allow billions of pounds of subsidies for Hinkley Point C. More >>>
13 Jan 2015: As potential investors back away, Stop Hinkley Campaign calls on the Government to give up on the moribund nuclear scheme: The financing of EDF's proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station has still not been settled, and several potential investors have backed away. More >>>
2014: Hinkley Point C - A Review of the Year: The so-called UK nuclear renaissance "increasingly looks less a rebirth than an unsatisfactory assortment of stalling, disjointed projects". More >>>
18 Nov 14: Saudi Arabia set to bankroll Hinkley: The Stop Hinkley Campaign has reacted with shock at the news that Saudi Arabia may bankroll the proposed new reactors at Hinkley Point C. More >>>
17 Oct 14: Stop Hinkley welcomes National Audit Office investigation into Hinkley Deal: The Stop Hinkley Campaign today welcomed news that the National Audit Office has begun an investigation into UK Government plans to subsidise the proposed new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. More>>>
08 Oct 14: Stop Hinkley Comment on European Commission Go-ahead for £17.6bn Hinkley Deal: The Stop Hinkley Campaign has expressed its extreme disappointment that the European Commission has today decided to approve subsidies of up to £17.6 billion to EDF Energy to build two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. More >>>
03 Oct 14: The Stop Hinkley campaign will be writing today to the European Competition Commissioner to ask him to urgently reconsider his decision on the Hinkley deal, and to order the UK Government to subject the Hinkley Point C proposals to a proper competitive process. If he doesn't, he will be saddling UK consumers with eye-wateringly high electricity bills for decades to come. A copy of the letter is attached >>>
25 Sep 14: Green MEP Molly Scott-Cato to attend Stop Hinkley Demo: Green MEP for the South West Molly Scott-Cato to meet with Stop Hinkley and Green Campaigners at Hinkley Point on Friday 26 September in an urgent call to the EU. More>>>
23 Sep 14: Campaigners call Hinkley Deal "Economically Bonkers": Commenting on reports today that the deal between the UK Government and EDF Energy to subsidise the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is on the verge of winning approval from competition authorities in Brussels, campaigners in Somerset stressed that no decision has yet been made. More>>>
11 Sep 14: Commenting on the announcement that the Department of Transport is to pay £2.8 million towards upgrading road and rail links to the Hinkley Point C construction site Roy Pumphrey of the Stop Hinkley Campaign said: More>>>
07 Sep 14: Greens say the case for building a new nuclear power station at Hinkley is now firmly closed: They cite three strong arguments for not proceeding with the controversial Hinkley C power plant: European Competition law, cost and delay and the irrelevance of nuclear for future electricity generation. More>>>
02 Sep 14: Stop Hinkley calls on European Commission to "Just Say No" to UK Nuclear Subsidy Plan: A decision by the European Competition Commission on whether plans by the UK Government to provide up to £17bn worth of subsidies to the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station constitute illegal State Aid is expected soon. More>>>
28 Aug 14: Stop Hinkley calls on EDF Energy to give up on obsolete Hinkley Point C: The Stop Hinkley Campaign has called on EDF Energy to give up its nuclear ambitions following a report from giant multinational investment bank, UBS, which declares that it is "time to join the [solar] revolution". More>>>
18 Mar 14: Glastonbury Council Urges Hinkley Opposition: Glastonbury Town Council has written to 300 Town and Parish Councils in Somerset, urging them to oppose a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. More>>>
02 Mar 14: What's really going on with the European Pressurised Reactor construction in Europe?: AREVA has called a halt to the grindingly slow construction of the EPR reactor in Finland. The project, which is already 5 years late and €7,508,209,000 over budget, has been plagued with problems. More>>>
21 Feb 14: Floods Tsunamis and Earthquakes: Stop Hinkley Campaigners today expressed concerns about the earthquake that struck of the coast of the southwest very close to the current and planned Hinkley Point reactors. More>>>
21 Jan 14: Glastonbury Council Opposes Hinkley C: Campaigners against a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset have welcomed a Glastonbury Town Council decision to oppose the government's flagship energy project. More>>>
05 Dec 13: Hinkley C decision under Judicial Review at High Court in London: Stop Hinkley are joining people from Kick Nuclear and C.N.D in London to show their support for a judicial review of the planning decision for Hinkley C. More>>>
19 Nov 13: Former Euro MP decides to take the Hinkley fight to Europe: Stop Hinkley campaigners today welcomed the news that Richard Cotterell, a former Euro MP for Bristol, has decided to re-enter European politics as an independent on a 'Stop Hinkley Point' ticket. More>>>
22 Oct 13: Strike price - a stab in the dark: The government's announcement yesterday of an eye-watering £92.50 strike price is nothing more than 'grandstanding' according to campaigners in the south west. More>>>
20 Oct 13: Undemocratic State to control British nukes: Stop Hinkley Campaigners today labelled George Osborne's coalition deal with China as 'reckless'. More>>>
18 Oct 13: EDF-China deal "reeks of despair": West Somerset MP Mr Liddell-Grainger has called it "excellent" news, but far from being good for Somerset, George Osborne's deal with China Nuclear "reeks of despair", according to local campaigners. More>>>
17 Jul 13: Nuclear compensation deal "a paltry bribe": A £128 million deal to "compensate" Somerset for hosting the proposed new Hinkley C power station is "a drop in the ocean" according to local campaigners. More>>>
29 Apr 13: Stop Hinkley email survey published: " Many County Candidates say NO to Hinkley waste": As many as a third of County Council Candidates in Somerset seem to believe that Hinkley C should not be built unless the problem of radioactive waste has been resolved. More>>>
23 Apr 13: EDF "preparing to pull-out" of Hinkley C: Lay-offs from EDF's new Hinkley C development are a sign that the project could be on the verge of collapse, according to local campaigners in Somerset. More>>>
19 Mar 13: Hinkley C decision "a political scandal" say local campaigners: Local campaigners say that today's decision to grant planning permission for EDF's Hinkley C project is no surprise, but does nothing to answer the serious questions which now hang over the project. More>>>
04 Feb 13: "Worst ever week for Hinkley C": A spokesperson for the Stop Hinkley campaign group in Somerset , has hailed the past 7 days as "the worst ever" for EDF's delayed new nuclear plans. More>>>
31 Jan 13: Axe Hinkley C call after Cumbria decision: Southwest campaigners are calling for the planned nuclear development at Hinkley Point to be axed, following Cumbria County councils decision not to accept a future underground waste dump in the Lake District. More>>>

19 Dec 12: Guilty nuclear protesters in defiant mood: Four people who blocked workers access to the Hinkley Point nuclear complex for nearly 4 hours in November pleaded guilty to obstruction of the highway at Taunton Magistrates Court today. More>>>

18 Dec 12: Reactor approval "puts politics before public safety": Campaigners have accused Britain 's Office for Nuclear Regulation's nuclear regulators of caving in to government pressure and approving a new reactor before its design has been properly assessed. More>>>

06 Nov 12: UK GOVERNMENT DESPERATE TO RESCUE THEIR STALLED NUCLEAR POLICY APPLAUD PROPOSED DEAL BETWEEN HORIZON AND HITACHI: "Hitachi's £700m should be paid in compensation to the children of Fukushima; it should not be used to build nuclear power stations in Anglesey and Gloucestershire to endanger the health and lives of our children" says Jo Smoldon of the Stop Hinkley Campaign. More>>>
08 Oct 12: Update on mass trespass at Hinkley Point: The Stop New Nuclear Alliance can now confirm that a total of six people have been arrested following the mass trespass at Hinkley Point nuclear power station. More>>>
08 Oct 12: Anti-nuclear activists claims major victory in mass trespass: At least eight protesters have been arrested during a mass trespass at the Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset. More>>>
03 Oct 12: NEW GREEN PARTY LEADER TO JOIN MASS TRESPASS AT NUCLEAR POWER STATION: 08/10/12: Protesters from all over the UK will be joined by the new Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, on a mass trespass demonstration at Hinkley Point nuclear power station. More>>>
17 Sep 12: MASS TRESPASS PLANNED AT HINKLEY POINT NUCLEAR POWER STATION - 8 October: Protesters from all over the UK are gearing up for a mass trespass at the site earmarked for the first of a new generation of nuclear power stations. Hundreds are planning to converge at a weekend protest camp before scaling the fence round land being cleared for the controversial Hinkley C power plant in Somerset. More>>>
23 Aug 12: Follow US example: halt new nuclear until waste issue resolved - Stop Hinkley: The British government should follow the example of the United States and place a moratorium on licensing new nuclear power stations until crucial issues about radioactive waste have been resolved, the Stop Hinkley campaign said today. More>>>
16 Aug 12: Peace Walk from Aldermaston to Hinkley Point: A group of supporters of the campaign against a new nuclear power station will be walking all the way from Aldermaston in Berkshire to Hinkley Point later this month. More>>>
26 Jun 12: Claimed Economic Benefits from Hinkley C Cancelled out by Subsidies: The claimed economic benefits from building new nuclear power stations would be cancelled out by proposed government subsidies. More>>>
01 Jun 12: Independent review highlights 30 safety issues delaying regulatory approval for EDF's French nuclear reactor design: An independent review of progress in approving the safety of the new design of French nuclear reactors proposed for the UK concludes that it is well behind schedule, with 30 major issues still to be resolved. More>>>
10 May 12: Radioactive enriched uranium findings prompt call for immediate halt to Hinkley C clearance: Analyses of soil samples have confirmed the presence of enriched uranium on EDF’s site for their proposed nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. More>>>
08 May 12: Stop Hinkley Protesters Lobby Centrica AGM: Members of the Stop Hinkley campaign will be lobbying shareholders at this Friday's AGM of energy company Centrica asking them not to invest in the "Hinkley C" nuclear power project in Somerset. More>>>
30 Apr 12: NFLA/Stop Hinkley submission warns that Somerset will get long-term highly radioactive waste store through undemocratic process: Nuclear Free Local Authorities and Stop Hinkley have submitted a joint detailed response to the Planning Inspectorate over EDF’s application to build two new nuclear reactors at the Hinkley Point site in Somerset. More>>>
22 Apr 12: Finance for Hinkley C starts to wobble while EDF continue to destroy Somerset countryside: EDF continue to destroy hedgerows, cut down trees and dig up the land, regardless of having no planning permission to build the nuclear power station and their financing of the whole project starting to crumble. More>>>
21 Apr 12: Centrica Threatens to Pull the Plug on Hinkley C Investment: A major body blow has been dealt to plans for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset by the threatened withdrawal of one of its main investors. More>>>
09 Apr 12: EDF Demolishes Historic Buildings at Hinkley Point Nuclear Site as Investors Abandon Ship: French energy company EDF is continuing to destroy historic buildings at Hinkley Point in Somerset even though its chances of constructing a new nuclear power station there are looking increasingly fragile. More>>>
22 Mar 12: Government bully boy Sir Andrew Phillipson sets the tone of Infrastructure Planning Commission's examination of EDF's application to build Nuclear Power Station in Somerset: Local people attending the preliminary meeting of the IPC yesterday were shocked at the attitude of Sir Andrew Phillipson, lead commissioner of the IPC. More>>>
16 Mar 12: EDF plans to destroy Hinkley Point hedgerows and woodland during bird nesting season: EDF contractors are lined up to remove hedgerows and other vegetation as part of preparation work for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, even though the French company does not yet have permission to construct the twin reactors. More>>>
15 Mar 12: Sailor Makes Hinkley Protest: A Bridgwater yachtsman made a dramatic protest off the coast from Hinkley Point last weekend to mark the first anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear accident. More>>>
27 Feb 12: Stop Hinkley Wins Victory for Free Speech Against EDF: The campaign group Stop Hinkley and other anti-nuclear campaigning organisations won a victory in the High Court today when a legal action against them by French energy company Electricite de France (EDF) was thrown out by the Judge, Mr Justice Floyd. More>>>
24 Feb 12: EDF Energy attempts to shut down peaceful protest: The Stop New Nuclear alliance has reacted with outrage at EDF Energy's attempts to restrict peaceful protest against a proposed new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The French firm is seeking an injunction which would limit current and future protests at the controversial site, which has faced fierce local and national opposition. More>>>
22 Feb 12: Jonathon Porritt to join anti-nuclear protest at Hinkley Point on eve of Fukushima anniversary Saturday March 10th 2012: Leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt will join demonstrators at Hinkley Point nuclear power station to mark the first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster - and to call for a halt to the development of Hinkley C. More>>>
17 Feb 12: Stop Hinkley Condemn Token UK Jobs: The nuclear deal agreed today between David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy is a PR exercise for the Nuclear Industry. More>>>
02 Feb 12: Report shows successive Ministers and Parliament were misled on case for nuclear power: A new report, A Corruption of Governance, exposes that the evidence given to Ministers and Parliament, promoting the use of nuclear power, was a false summary of the analysis carried out by government departments. More>>>
30 Nov 11: Stop Hinkley Campaign Presents Petition to Government Against EDF's Nuclear Plans: Stop Hinkley is to present a petition with more than 12,750 signatories to the government department responsible for the UK 's policy on nuclear power. The petition shows the strength of opposition to plans by energy company EdF to build the UK 's largest ever nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. More>>>
03 Oct 11: Hinkley Point blockaders declare victory over EDF Energy: Anti-nuclear protesters have declared the mass blockade at Hinkley Point today as a victory over EDF Energy. The nine-hour blockade attracted supporters from all over the UK. More>>>
03 Oct 11: Blockaders release 206 balloons to spotlight radiation threat: Protesters blocking the entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station will release a total of 206 helium balloons at midday. Each balloon represents a day that has passed since the catastrophic explosions at the Fukushima power plant in Japan. More>>>
02 Oct 11: Workers at Hinkley C nuclear power plant in for a raw deal: A leading environmental activist warned today that jobs at EDF Energy's proposed nuclear power plant in Somerset would either be non-existent or 'from the bottom of the barrel.' More>>>
01 Oct 11: Bridgwater marchers call for an end to nuclear power: More than 150 people marched through Bridgwater today to protest against EDF Energy's plan for two new mega-reactors at Somerset's Hinkley Point nuclear power station. More>>>
27 Sep 11: Hinkley Point nuclear site targeted for mass blockade: People from all over the UK are set to descend on Hinkley Point nuclear power station next week to protest against EDF Energy's plans to build two new mega-reactors next to the existing site. More>>>
14 Sep 11: EDF Breaks Planning Conditions at Hinkley Point: EDF has broken a time limit condition attached to its planning permission to remove a spoil heap from the Hinkley Point site, the Stop Hinkley campaign has discovered. More>>>
26 Aug 11: Doubt Cast on Integrity of Hinkley Reactor Design: Further doubt has been cast on the integrity of the new nuclear reactor design proposed for Hinkley Point in Somerset following a series of criticisms by French safety regulators. More>>>
29 Jul 11: West Somerset Councillors Could Live to Regret Groundworks Approval: The decision by West Somerset Council to approve major groundworks at Hinkley Point has allowed energy company EdF to "jump the gun" on its plans for a nuclear power station, the Stop Hinkley campaign said today. More>>>
29 Jul 11: Nuclear power plant decision branded a travesty by campaigners: Anti-nuclear campaigners have slammed a council's decision to allow EDF Energy to begin clearing land earmarked for a nuclear reactor. And they pledged to step-up their campaign of direct action against the energy giant. More>>>
21 Jul 11: Stop Hinkley Condemns Council Recommendation to Approve EDF Preparatory Work on Hinkley C Power Station: The Stop Hinkley campaign has condemned West Somerset Council planners' decision to recommend approval for "preparatory works" on EDF's proposed new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. More>>>
18 Jul 11: Activists slam government decision on 'new nuclear' power: An anti-nuclear alliance has branded the government's decision to give the green light to a new generation of nuclear power stations as, 'grossly irresponsible'. And the campaigners have vowed to step up plans for a mass blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station this autumn. More>>>
06 Jul 11: Environment Agency meeting on Hinkley Point contamination: Officials from the Environment Agency met with local Councillors and officers, representatives of Green Audit and Stop Hinkley at Rivers House, Bridgwater on 1st July to discuss the allegations of radioactive contamination at the site earmarked at Hinkley Point for the proposed new nuclear power reactors by the French company EdF Energy. More>>>
01 Jul 11: "Government Tried to Play Down Effects of Japanese Accident" - Stop Hinkley Campaign: The Stop Hinkley campaign will be raising the issue of the dangerously cosy relationship between the nuclear industry and the government at a meeting in London next week. This follows revelations that government officials tried to play down the potential effect of the Fukushima accident in Japan on the UK 's nuclear ambitions. More>>>
18 May 11: New Research Shows Effect of Fukushima Scale Accident at Hinkley: On the day that the government's interim report on safety following the Fukushima nuclear accident was published, a hypothetical modeling of a similar tsunami event at Hinkley Point power station in Somerset shows that it would have disastrous consequences. More>>>
19 Apr 11: Stop Hinkley supporter denounces SAGE & urges adoption of ECRR risk model: A Stop Hinkley member has criticised the government body handling the Fukushima crisis - Scientific Advice Group in Emergencies - by continuing to minimise the impact and underplay the health risks. More>>>
08 Apr 11: French Nuclear Safety Authority says proposed Hinkley C reactor design is "very compromised": Stop Hinkley today expressed concern at warnings from the French Nuclear Safety Authority, ASN, about the dangers of the Hinkley C reactor design. More>>>
31 Mar 11: The Environment Agency ignores local people's request for transparent investigation into claim of contaminated land on Hinkley C site: The Environment Agency has failed to carry out a transparent investigation into allegations that land at the proposed Hinkley C nuclear site is contaminated with enriched uranium. More>>>
17 Mar 11: Campaigners step up demand for action over contaminated Hinkley land after Japan disaster: Campaigners have sent an open letter to West Somerset Council, asking them to coordinate action over land found to be contaminated on the proposed Hinkley C site. More>>>
12 Mar 11: Japanese Accident Sends Warning Signal Over Hinkley C Plans: The nuclear accident in Japan is a stark warning of the dangers of nuclear power in this country, the Stop Hinkley campaign said today. More>>>
08 Mar 11: Hinkley Company Admits Faults at 60% of French Nuclear Reactors: The energy company applying to build a third power station at Hinkley Point, has admitted safety weaknesses affecting 34 of the nuclear reactors it operates in France. The "anomaly" means that if cooling water is lost from the reactor's primary pressure circuit, the back-up water injection safety system may not be able to prevent a meltdown of the core. More>>>
28 Feb 11: Stop Hinkley Responds to Latest EDF Nuclear Plans: The Stop Hinkley campaign has responded to the publication by French energy company EDF of its revised (Stage 3) proposals 1 for the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. These are our comments: More>>>
12 Jan 11: Radioactive Contamination of proposed nuclear site at Hinkley Point: In a report for Green Audit, analysis is presented showing the presence of enriched uranium contamination on the site proposed for the new nuclear reactors. Examining gamma spectroscopy radioactivity data tables that formed part of the Environment Impact Statement EIS supplied by EDF Energy, it was possible to show that the 2square kilometer site contained approximately 10 tonnes of enriched uranium reactor fuel. More>>>
30 Dec 10: New Alliance Warns of Pre-Emptive Strike by Nuclear Industry: The nuclear industry is already starting site preparation works at two of its favoured locations for new power stations - even before it has applied for permission to build the plants. This warning that the industry is "jumping the gun" comes from a new alliance of local organisations opposed to the government's plans for a nuclear revival. More>>>
16 Dec 10: Backdoor Subsidies Introduced to Prop Up Hinkley C: The coalition government has torn up its "no subsidy for nuclear" commitment with a series of measures aimed at financially supporting the construction of new nuclear power stations like Hinkley Point C in West Somerset, according to the Stop Hinkley campaign. More>>>
23 Nov 10: EDF Energy slammed for cruelty to badgers: Energy giant EDF Energy has been blasted for breaching conservation guidelines and forcing a colony of badgers off land earmarked for a controversial nuclear power station. And environmentalists warn that future corner-cutting could put lives at risk if construction of the two new reactors in Somerset gets the green light. More>>>
19 Oct 10: Response to Huhne announcement on nuclear and tidal power: The EdF dream to export its nuclear technology to the United States looks shattered after its partner company has withdrawn from the project to build four EPR reactors. More>>>
15 Oct 10: EdF's American nuclear dream shattered: The EdF dream to export its nuclear technology to the United States looks shattered after its partner company has withdrawn from the project to build four EPR reactors. More>>>
17 Sep 10: Doubts over Hinkley C economics: Doubts over debt-ridden EdF's plan to export the ailing French EPR reactor to Somerset have been raised by the French Government and a UK energy professor. Energy expert, Professor Stephen Thomas, has written hard-hitting statements on the risks surrounding EdF's plight, suggesting Hinkley C may never be built, or worse still just half-built and dependent on a Government rescue. More>>>
12 Sep 10: Successful Hinkley demo: Protestors blocked the Hinkley Point main gates for almost an hour this liunch-time as they demonstrated against the premature destruction of up to 435 acres of open land and wildlife habitats before major consents are approved for the two giant reactors proposed by EdF. More>>>
08 Sep 10: Protest at Hinkley Point: Campaigners will protest at Hinkley Point on Sunday lunchtime against plans to destroy many acres of open countryside well in advance of major consents being agreed for two proposed nuclear reactors. More>>>
15 Jul 10: Government re-consultation causes delay in nuclear policy: Energy Minister Charles Hendry today announced there will be a re-consultation of the widely criticised Energy National Policy Statements (NPS). Originally expected to be ready by the end of July, Hendry has said it will not be ready until Spring next year when Parliament can debate it. More>>>
10 Jul 10: Hinkley site to be razed before full planning permission: Up to five hundred acres of species-rich woodland, hedgerows and fields may be destroyed by EdF even before it receives full planning consent from the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) to build its two massive nuclear reactors. More>>>
16 May 10: Hinkley C application slips amidst uncertainty: The anticipated date for the Hinkley C planning application to the Infrastructure Planning Commission has slipped by four months from 2nd August to 1st December. This is the second delay in the application which was originally expected at the beginning of July. The delay comes amidst new uncertainty over the project following the appointment of an anti-nuclear Energy Secretary Chris Huhne. More>>>
06 May 10: Council stands up to Hinkley over earthworks application: A planning application by EdF to dig some twenty trenches close to the village of Shurton has been turned down by West Somerset District Council. Permission for the trenches was requested by EdF in order to ascertain the nature and depth of the soil above rock in an area as close as 100 metres from nearby houses in Shurton. The planning committee threw out the application saying that there was no justification for so many trenches especially so near to the village. More>>>
12 Mar 10: Stop Hinkley supports call for nuclear inquiry: Stop Hinkley campaigners are supporting calls from the Liberal Democrats and the Nuclear Consultation Group of academics for a public inquiry into the Justification of new nuclear power. Yesterday a meeting was convened at the Houses of Parliament by Michael Meacher MP, former Energy Minister and Simon Hughes MP, Lib-Dem Shadow Energy spokesman on the demand for an open, thorough and transparent public inquiry into the Justification of nuclear build. More>>>
09 Mar 10: Jonathon Porritt to speak out against Hinkley C: The famous environmentalist Jonathon Porritt will speak out against building new reactors at Hinkley Point in a public meeting in Taunton 's Temple Methodist Church next Tuesday, 16th March. Jonathon Porritt has a long and respected track record on environmental issues, heading groups such as Friends of the Earth, The Sustainable Development Commission and Forum for the Future. More>>>
22 Feb 10: Stop Hinkley protestor arrested in Sizewell blockade: A Stop Hinkley active member has been arrested this morning during an ongoing blockade of Sizewell nuclear power station. He had 'locked on' to a concrete post together with ten other campaigners, blocking the entrance road to Sizewell power station. More>>>
15 Jan 10: No Local Voice in Nuclear Decision: Stop Hinkley Protest at EDF offices: Supporters of the Stop Hinkley campaign demonstrated outside the offices of EDF in Bridgwater today in protest at the lack of real local involvement in their proposal to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. Twenty five Stop Hinkley supporters wore gags to symbolise the fact that local voices have been silenced. More>>>
07 Jan 10: Nuclear Not Needed To Keep Lights On - Government Adviser: A new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point isn't needed either to keep the lights or to combat climate change, a meeting of the Stop Hinkley campaign group was told. Tom Burke, CBE, a government adviser on energy matters, told the meeting that Britain could carry on generating enough electricity for our needs well beyond the supposed crunch period of 2015-20, even without new nuclear stations like the proposed Hinkley C. More>>>
22 Dec 09: Top environmentalists boost campaign: Top environmentalist Professor Tom Burke CBE is giving a boost to Stop Hinkley's campaign to oppose Hinkley C by speaking at a public meeting together with Greenpeace's Ben Ayliffe. Later Jonathon Porritt will also speak in Taunton. More>>>
27 Nov 09: Safety regulator slams reactor design: The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) today announced they have major concerns over key aspects of the safety systems in the EPR reactor proposed for Hinkley Point. They state they would not issue a license for the reactor unless the Control and Instrumentation system is fixed. A top nuclear consultant suggests the error could hold up the UK nuclear project by up to three years. More>>>
09 Nov 09: National Policy Statement on nuclear power: The Government will announce a draft nuclear National Policy Statement (NPS) as part of a package of six such policy statements around energy issues. It will also publish a draft 'Justification' document as part of an EU process new to nuclear new build.  The following is part of a Greenpeace briefing on the NPS and the Justification process followed by Stop Hinkley responses. More>>>
22 Oct 09: Hinkley C on new Planning Commission list: A new Government quango, the Infrastructure Planning Commission, today declared Hinkley C as one of its first tranche of planning projects. The IPC requires applicants, such as EdF who want to build two reactors at the Hinkley site, to ensure they consult the public thoroughly on the project. But campaigners are unhappy with a deliberately speeded-up process which does not allow fair scrutiny. More>>>
22 Oct 09: EdF enticed councils to restrict public information on Hinkley C planning: Probably illegal contracts make Hinkley planning issues secret. EdF, who plan to build two reactors at Hinkley Point, have insisted upon a series of supposedly legally binding agreements with local councils allowing EdF to exclude certain planning information from the Freedom of Information Act, despite legal advice to councils that they cannot 'contract out' of the FoI Act. More>>>
19 Oct 09: New reactor containment 'may not withstand high winds': The US safety regulator has deemed that the containment structure of a reactor, possibly destined for Oldbury and other UK sites, 'may not withstand a tornado, earthquake or even high winds'. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has directed the designers to strengthen the outer shell which protects the reactor's containment structure as it does not meet their requirements for safety. More>>>
02 Oct 09: Is nuclear new build on the wane?: There is increasing evidence that the plans by foreign companies EdF and Eon to build nuclear reactors in the West Country may be on the wane. A fresh report by the Adam Smith Institute provides some doubt over the plans of the respective companies due to changes of circumstances in their own countries. More>>>
17 Jul 09: EDF to pay local councils in Hinkley planning deal: EdF Energy, who plan to build two giant nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point are to pay the local councils for their part in the planning process. Hidden deep in a lengthy joint press release from Somerset, Sedgemoor and West Somerset Councils is the proposition that EdF Energy would pay a fee to the councils for their part in the planning process around the proposed new reactors.   More>>>
17 Jul 09: EDF to pay local councils in Hinkley planning deal: EdF Energy, who plan to build two giant nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point are to pay the local councils for their part in the planning process. Hidden deep in a lengthy joint press release from Somerset, Sedgemoor and West Somerset Councils is the proposition that EdF Energy would pay a fee to the councils for their part in the planning process around the proposed new reactors.   More>>>
01 Jul 09: Nuclear Regulator concerns over new reactor Nuclear Safety Systems: Campaigners are worried that regulators' concerns about a French reactor due to be built at Hinkley Point may be overridden when it comes to licensing the design. In today's Times the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate said it has serious reservations about the Control and Instrumentation system which monitors the station's performance and oversees nuclear safety. More>>>
13 Jun 09: Audit Commission brought in over land donation and £2 million grant to nuclear energy centre: Stop Hinkley has referred Sedgemoor Council's recent donation of public land for the nuclear energy centre to the Audit Commission. It has also reported the donation of £1.9 million by the South West Development Agency (SWRDA) as unfairly subsidising the nuclear industry. More>>>
29 May 09: Council's secret land donation to nuclear training centre: The Executive of Sedgemoor District Council has secretly agreed to donate a plot of publicly owned land to the Energy Skills Centre at Bridgwater College . The centre aims to provide training in nuclear skills. The decision was made at a special evening meeting of the executive which was ostensibly to debate the proposed new nuclear site at Hinkley Point. More>>>
10 May 09: Safety regulator may pull the plug on Hinkley C prototype: The nuclear regulator governing the go-ahead of the Hinkley C prototype currently being built in Finland has threatened to withold its approval because it is afraid the safety systems will not work while condemning the 'lack of professional knowledge' of those working for the design company. More>>>
16 Apr 09: Call to oppose Hinkley nomination: Stop Hinkley is calling on members of the public to oppose yesterday's nomination of Hinkley Point as a site for two giant nuclear reactors to be built by French group EDF. Hinkley was one of eleven sites nominated by the Government as part of its Strategic Siting Assessment consultation. The public now has one month to make comments on the nominated sites. More>>>
02 Apr 09: Hinkley C partner 'facing bankruptcy': The French nuclear design and engineering company Areva is facing severe financial trouble. Experts examining Areva's cash situation just days before its accounts are published show that it is "staring down the barrel of business failure" with a 3 billion Euro bail-out request from the French Government. Overrun costs of its reactor build in Finland have left the project facing a 5.4 billion Euro bill. More>>
09 Mar 09: Justifying the unjustifiable: Stop Hinkley has supported calls from a group of academics for an inquiry into the issue of 'Justification' for new reactors such as Hinkley C. Currently the government is conducting a public consultation on the balance between advantages of operating nuclear reactors and the disadvantages of linked health effects. But Secretary of State Ed Milliband will decide the outcome despite his public support for nuclear power. More >>>
23 Jan 09: New Govt guidelines ease the way for nuclear: The Government today issued its criteria for new nuclear sites as EdF announced its intention to nominate Hinkley Point for two giant reactors. The Government response to its recent Strategic Site Assessment consultation showed all the signs of bowing to the industry while squeezing out critical views in a move which will ease nuclear new build in the West Country. More >>>
23 Jan 09: Government nuclear clean-up firm nominates Oldbury for new nuclear build: Shut Oldbury campaigners reacted with shock and surprise at the nomination of Oldbury as a site for a new nuclear power station. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today announced the nomination of four UK sites for purchasers to build new nuclear power stations on, including Oldbury in South Gloucestershire. More >>>
20 Jan 09: Council's secret nuclear cash request: A Sedgemoor District Council officer made a secret request for three-quarters of a million pounds from two nuclear companies to help with planning issues for Hinkley C, raising questions of conflict of interest and triggering a row with neighbouring West Somerset District Councillors. More >>>
27 Nov 08: Oldbury set for nuclear expansion: Shut Oldbury campaigners are angry with Government plans to sell off land at Oldbury to build a second nuclear reactor. The state-owned Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today set in motion the auction of land adjacent to Oldbury. Campaigners say a new reactor on the Severn could be dangerous and harmful to local people's health. The NDA is jumping the gun as the results of a consultation on potential nuclear sites have not yet been announced. More >>>
02 Oct 08: Top consultant to voice concerns over new Hinkley reactors: The UK 's leading independent nuclear engineer, John Large of Large & Associates, will speak at a public meeting in Bridgwater. John Large has written extensive reports evaluating the new Generation III reactor plant likely to be built at Hinkley. More >>>
29 Sep 08: Study on local public acceptance of new nuclear power stations: Stop Hinkley (Shut Oldbury) campaigners have welcomed a five year Cardiff University study that shows only qualified support for nuclear new build in communities near potential sites. More >>>
24 Sep 08: Response to BE takeover by EDF: Stop Hinkley campaigners have reacted angrily to today's announcement that EDF has purchased nuclear operators British Energy who own Hinkley Point B , paving the way to two new giant reactors on the West Somerset coast. EDF have made a higher offer on the company which owns eight nuclear power stations in a move which paves the way for nuclear expansion in the west-country, particularly at Hinkley Point. More >>>
11 Sep 08: New plans for German/French reactor at Oldbury: Campaigners reacted angrily to news that German energy utility E.ON is planning to build a nuclear reactor on the banks of the River Severn at Oldbury in Gloucestershire. The company is negotiating a deal with National Grid to connect a 1600 megawatt reactor on the site where it is interested in buying land from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority who own the existing 450 megawatt reactor. More >>>
11 Aug 08: More anti-terror police at power stations: Stop Hinkley campaigners fear that extra armed nuclear police will restrict their protests against developments at Hinkley Point. Stop Hinkley has already found that its website is monitored by Bridgwater police who have telephoned the group at an early stage when protests might be likely. More >>>
24 Jul 08: EdF set to buy Hinkley company: Campaigners have railed at the news that French government owned EdF are set to buy British Energy who own Hinkley Point B and seven other UK nuclear power stations. EdF look set to increase their bid. Stop Hinkley campaigners are concerned about poor maintenance at nuclear plants operated by EdF's sister company Areva which this week led to one hundred nuclear workers becoming contaminated at a reactor near Avignon. More >>
09 Jul 08: New planning laws restrict public say on reactors: New planning laws currently going through parliament will restrict the public's voice on proposed new reactors at Hinkley and Oldbury. The Planning Reform Bill is now with the House of Lords following a Commons vote contested by 68 labour rebels and the Liberal Democrats. More >>>
11 Jun 08: Immigrant rules to be relaxed for nuclear workers: The government is to relax immigration rules in order to fill jobs in the nuclear industry, following predictions that the UK will have insufficient workers to build the planned fleet of nuclear power stations. More >>>
08 Jun 08: Stop Hinkley steps up campaign: The Stop Hinkley campaign has appointed a high-flying new campaigner in response to EdF's plans to build two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point. David Taylor, Alan Jeffery and Richard Carder were appointed as 'Spokesman', 'Assistant Coordinator' and 'North Somerset Representative' respectively at a Stop Hinkley meeting. More >>>
13 May 08: Wind-farm rights sold to nuclear developer: The rights to West Hinkley wind-farm have been sold off to Electricite de France who have already announced their intention to build one or two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point. More >>>>>
09 May 08: EDF buys Hinkley land for reactor: French-owned utility EDF has quietly bought up land next to Hinkley Point in a move which furthers the likelihood of a third nuclear reactor being built there. At a British Energy 'community meeting' at Cannington recently British Energy and BERR suggested that two reactors could be built at Hinkley. More >>>>>
28 Apr 08: Bid to build unproven reactor at Oldbury: Shut Oldbury campaigners reacted with dismay at proposals to build an unproven nuclear reactor at the Oldbury site in South Gloucestershire. A consortium is bidding to build a Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactor at the site where the existing corroded reactor is due to close at the end of this year. More >>>>>
10 Jan 08: Response to Hutton announcement: Stop Hinkley has responded with disappointment at the Government's formal announcement to allow a new fleet of reactors with Hinkley a favoured site. The Business Secretary John Hutton formally invited private companies to "bring forward" their plans to build nuclear reactors but campaigners said that there was nothing to stop them doing so before now except the enormous cost that has prevented privately built reactors anywhere in the world up to now. More >>>>>>>
09 Jan 08: Media event at Hinkley Point: A group of environmental campaigners will voice their protest at the Government announcement to back a new generation of nuclear power stations due to be made tomorrow lunchtime. Energy Secretary will announce a new Nuclear Bill and Energy White Paper to the House of Commons. Stop Hinkley campaigner, Charlie Graham will take interviews near Hinkley Point accompanied by representatives from other local groups. More >>>>>>>
08 Jan 08: Anger at Cabinet nuclear decision: Stop Hinkley campaigners have responded with anger at today's Cabinet decision to support a new generation of nuclear power stations, in advance of the expected announcement of the Energy white Paper and Nuclear Bill on Thursday lunch-time. But the local group poses the question - Just what's new in the government's pledge? More >>>>>>>
04 Jan 08: Campaigners support academics' condemnation of nuclear plans: An academic report condemning the Government's plans to push though a new generation of nuclear power stations has the backing of Stop Hinkley. The group of academics who specialise in nuclear, energy or public consultation issues has criticised the Government's most recent Energy Review as not addressing the risks from radiation, disposal of nuclear waste and vulnerability to a terrorist attack. More >>>>>>>
27 Nov 07: Campaigners oppose move towards Hinkley: Campaigners reacted angrily to moves by British Energy towards building a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. Hinkley Point was today announced by British Energy as one of four sites in the UK where they would like to build a new reactor. All the potential sites are in England, highlighting Scotland 's opposition to nuclear power and despite British Energy's headquarters being based in East Kilbride. More >>>>
28 Sep 07: Stop Hinkley third group in national consultation: Supporters of local campaign group Stop Hinkley submitted more than one in 10 of the letters in last year's Government Energy Review, making it the most significant group after Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace in the national consultation. More >>>>
25 May 07: Hinkley, Oldbury and Berkeley listed for new reactors: Three West Country sites have been favoured for new nuclear reactors. The DTI commissioned report was slipped out amongst the hundreds of pages published yesterday. Hinkley Point is at the top of the list showing the industry's favoured sites for building the nuclear plants proposed by the Government in its Energy White Paper. More >>>>>
24 May 07: Consultation underplays nuclear risk at every point: The forcibly relaunched Nuclear Consultation by the Government seriously underplays the risk from nuclear power at every point. Stop Hinkley campaigners have noted a series of concerns about the Government's document laying out its favoured position over nuclear power, which they feel misinforms the public on nuclear risks and does not present the position of critics. More >>
23 May 07: Dismay at plans for Hinkley C. Stop Hinkley campaigners have expressed their dismay at the Government plans expected this afternoon to announce Hinkley Point as a site for a new generation of nuclear power stations. More >>>>>
16 Feb 07: CAMPAIGNERS RAIL AT NEW HINKLEY PLANS Local campaigners have responded angrily to plans to site a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. British Energy have for the first time publicly announced their intention to build a third power station in West Somerset . The Stop Hinkley campaigners list a host of reasons on environmental, health, safety and terrorism grounds as to why the plant should never be built. More >>>>>
15 Feb 07: High Court judgement welcomed by campaigners.  Campaigners welcomed a High Court judgement which today said the Government's recent Energy Review, promoting nuclear power, was 'deeply flawed' and 'misleading'. The judge declared that the Government had not been open on areas such as nuclear waste and costs of the nuclear project and a new Review must take place. More >>>>>
09 Jul 06: Government needs European cooperation on carbon to pay for nuclear: Early signals about the Government Energy Review suggest that it will not subsidise nuclear new build but will try and jig the electricity market in its favour by putting up the price of carbon-emitting generators. One analyst has said this carries much future uncertainty, which may not attract city investors to the industry.
13 Jun 06: Campaigners rail at Brown's support for nuclear.  Stop Hinkley campaigners have expressed dismay at a signal from Gordon Brown that he supports Tony Blair's revival of the nuclear industry. The Chancellor wrote an article suggesting reforms to energy policy which include nuclear power. This has dismayed campaigners who felt Brown might hold out against Blair's thrust to nuclear due to its unfavourable economics.
05 Apr 06: Green Party top speaker: 'nuclear is not the answer' The Principle speaker for the Green Party began a national Climate-Change tour in Bridgwater on Monday with the message that nuclear power is not the answer to global warming problems or our energy needs.
21 Mar 06: Taunton meeting to question need for nuclear. A public meeting in Taunton will discuss the need for new nuclear power stations, currently under consultation by the Government's energy review team. Friends of the Earth's, Roger Higman, will head a threesome of speakers who will deliver arguments in favour of bridging the energy gap with renewables coupled with energy conservation.
20 Mar 06: Nuclear no help to climate change, meeting told. Nuclear power could reduce harmful carbon emissions by only eight percent while saving electricity would save 30 percent, was the message from speakers at a Burnham meeting last week.
08 Mar 06: Nuclear decision would stifle local green energy. An academic from Warwick University slated the Government for missing an opportunity to switch the national grid system to one which favours localised and small-scale electricity production.
27 Feb 06: Climate Change - is nuclear power the answer? People in West Somerset will have a chance to hear and discuss how climate change can be averted and whether a third nuclear power station at Hinkley Point will be needed.
13 Jan 06: Don't create a local terrorist target. Stop Hinkley supports the Greenpeace view that a new nuclear power station at Hinkley or Oldbury would be an unforgivable mistake due to the risk of terrorism.
09 Jan 06: Five-fold increase in n-waste from new power stations. Stop Hinkley campaigners have reacted angrily to a report that a new generation of nuclear power stations, potentially including Hinkley C and Oldbury B, would produce much more dangerous nuclear waste than that declared by BNFL.

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19 January 2010

About 20 anti-nuclear protesters, including Dr Mark Wright of Bristol Lib Dems, congregated outside of the Council House on College Green prior to today's council meeting.

One of the motions for today, written by Mark, was a proposal that Bristol and its environs, including Oldbury and Hinkley, should become nuclear free.

Mark said "We have really increased the debate by raising this important motion at our meeting. I have had radio interviews with three sets of people and numerous phone calls and letters from people interested in the debate"

Reg Illingworth from Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy (SANE) said "It is fantastic that Mark is getting the City of Bristol involved in the debate. We in Shepperdine have great concerns about a nuclear power station being built in our community"






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