15 Nov 2018: Lessons for Hinkley from Sellafield: On the morning after the Financial Times has called on the UK Government to reassess its long-term energy plans following the demise of Toshiba’s Moorside nuclear project, Stop Hinkley has published a briefing about lessons we can learn from the Sellafield Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant which is in the process of closing after only 24 years of operation and a very chequered performance.. More >>>
30 Nov 2017: Don’t increase UK waste stockpile by 80% - cancel Hinkley Point C: The Stop Hinkley campaign has written to the Planning Inspectorate to object to EDF Energy’s application for a Non-Material Change in relation to the Hinkley Point C Development Site. More >>>
29 Mar 2017: Stop Hinkley asks why should anyone believe this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors?: The day after the Government announced it was being forced to pay nearly £100m for botching a nuclear decommissioning contract and on the same day that nuclear company Westinghouse has filed for bankruptcy in the US courts, the Stop Hinkley Campaign asks why anyone should believe that this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors? More >>>

25 Jan 2016: Hinkley Point C will add 80% to the UK radioactive waste stockpile: As press reports suggest that EDF may take a final investment decision on the Hinkley Point C proposals this week, Stop Hinkley has released a new briefing on the huge impact the Somerset reactors would have on the UK’s radioactive waste stockpile. More >>>

12 Mar 2015: Radioactive Waste in Somerset: Following revelations this week of the huge hurdles still in the way of an investment decision for Hinkley Point C, the Stop Hinkley Campaign turns its attention to the radioactive waste legacy the proposed reactors would leave behind if they were ever built. More >>>
18 Mar 14: Glastonbury Council Urges Hinkley Opposition: Glastonbury Town Council has written to 300 Town and Parish Councils in Somerset, urging them to oppose a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. More>>>
22 Jan 14: NDA consultation on Intermediate level Waste Stores and Fuel Element Debris fails to talk to potentially affected communities: Stop Hinkley today slammed the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's consultation on Storage and Disposal plans for Intermediate Level Waste & Nuclear Fuel Element Debris. More>>>
25 Jun 13: Plans for "second Sellafield" in Somerset?: Plans for radioactive waste from across the country to be stored and treated in Somerset could be "the thin end of a toxic wedge" according to local campaigners. More>>>
29 Apr 13: Stop Hinkley email survey published: " Many County Candidates say NO to Hinkley waste": As many as a third of County Council Candidates in Somerset seem to believe that Hinkley C should not be built unless the problem of radioactive waste has been resolved. More>>>
31 Jan 13: Axe Hinkley C call after Cumbria decision: Southwest campaigners are calling for the planned nuclear development at Hinkley Point to be axed, following Cumbria County councils decision not to accept a future underground waste dump in the Lake District. More>>>
23 Jan 09: Government nuclear clean-up firm nominates Oldbury for new nuclear build: Shut Oldbury campaigners reacted with shock and surprise at the nomination of Oldbury as a site for a new nuclear power station. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today announced the nomination of four UK sites for purchasers to build new nuclear power stations on, including Oldbury in South Gloucestershire. More >>>
23 Dec 08: EA license radwaste recycling and landfill: In response to the news that Hinkley Point 'A' station is in the process of shipping radioactive waste for 'recycling' in America , Stop Hinkley spokesman Jim Duffy said: "This radioactive metal should be isolated from the environment. Magnox might save money from the long-term management of this waste by sending it for use in US nuclear power stations but those who handle it during smelting and nuclear construction may inhale dangerous radioactive particles." More >>>
24 Oct 07: Expert outlines risk of n-waste burial scheme: A former Government nuclear advisor told a packed meeting in Watchet of the risks and misunderstandings surrounding the Government's plan to find a site to bury the UK 's most toxic nuclear waste. Over sixty people heard Pete Wilkinson, former member of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, express his concern over the committee's recommendations to bury High Level Waste in a Deep Geological Repository. More >>>>>>>
15 Oct 07: UK 's nuclear waste coming to Somerset? A public meeting, Watchet 23rd October. A former Government advisor on nuclear waste will voice his concerns at a public meeting in Watchet over proposals to bury all of the UK 's legacy of toxic nuclear waste at Hinkley Point. More >>>>>>>
06 Sep 07: Campaigners demand extra safety on n-dump: Stop Hinkley campaigners have demanded extra safety measures at a proposed nuclear waste site at Hinkley Point. More >>>>>>>
25 Oct 06: No to bribes to take n-waste Stop Hinkley campaigners have railed at the Government support for nuclear waste proposals. These include offering incentives to local communities who are prepared to run the risk of having nuclear waste repositories nearby.
31 Jul 06: Campaigners condemn n-waste plans Stop Hinkley campaigners have condemned plans announced today for dealing with the legacy of nuclear waste in Britain.
28 Mar 06: Bridgwater debate as report slams nuclear transport through town. The Green Party national speaker, Keith Taylor, will address a meeting in Bridgwater highlighting concerns about building a new series of nuclear power stations starting at Hinkley Point. The meeting occurs as a damning report slams the transportation of highly radioactive fuel through the town centre with no plans for mass evacuation in an emergency.
09 Jan 06: Five-fold increase in n-waste from new power stations. Stop Hinkley campaigners have reacted angrily to a report that a new generation of nuclear power stations, potentially including Hinkley C and Oldbury B, would produce much more dangerous nuclear waste than that declared by BNFL.
11 Aug 05: "Prompt decommissioning strategy welcomed." Stop Hinkley campaigners have welcomed the key proposal in a new strategy paper to dismantle nuclear reactors in a twenty-five year timescale.

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