New village action group to fight EDF

West Somerset Free Press, Friday, 11 December 2009

VILLAGERS in Cannington have added their voice to growing concerns about proposals for off-site developments to support a third nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

Williton residents and those living in Shurton and Burton have already spoken out, fearing their lives will be blighted by the proposed Hinkley C and the infrastructure needed to support the construction workers that will go with it.

Now the non-political Save Cannington Action Group has called on Hinkley C developer EDF to scrap its current plans and go back to the drawing board.

Spokesman Alan Beasley - a former Hinkley worker - said the group was not anti-nuclear, but simply wanted to ensure Cannington was not "traumatised" by the proposed development.

He said under EDF's current plans, Cannington had been earmarked for a 200-bed workers' hostel, park and ride, bypass and freight handling facilities, while a recreation ground would be "sacrificed" for a 210-bed campus.

"The proposals will destroy the material fabric of the village - noise, dust and light pollution around the clock will be intolerable.

"And we all know that once established, hard standings will never be returned to green field sites."

He said the group wanted EDF to put facilities for construction workers within the existing Hinkley site, served by a new access road to the north of Bridgwater.

"The EDF proposal as it stands must be scrapped and a fresh review undertaken," he said.


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