Bristolians "Should Have Say" On Nuclear Plans

Original Bristol FM, Thursday, November 19th 2009

A Lib Dem councillor demands ministers consult Bristolians over plans to build two nuclear power stations near the city.

Bristolians should be able to have their say on plans to build two new nuclear power plants near the city, according to one local councillor.

The government announced earlier this month it wanted to build new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset, 25 miles south of Bristol and at Oldbury in Gloucestershire, nine miles north of the city.

A exhibition will be held this weekend in Bridgwater for Somerset residents to get more details on the plans, but the government has confirmed there will be no similar consultation in Bristol .

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change told Original 106.5: ""To tackle climate change and secure our energy supplies we need the low carbon, cost effective and reliable energy that nuclear power provides.

"We understand that the public has concerns and that is why we are holding a consultation on the proposed sites for new nuclear, in which anyone can participate.

"To give people in the communities most effected a chance to have their say in person, we will be holding exhibitions as close to the nominated sites as is practical."

He added Bristolians could register their views online, but no physical consultation or exhibition would be held in the city.

Mark Wright, Liberal Democrat councillor for Cabot ward and a prominent anti-nuclear campaigner has condemned the lack of consultation, and urged the government to do more to canvass the viewsof Bristolians.

He said: "If these go ahead, then Bristol will be sandwiched between these two nuclear reactors that the government porposes. So, at the very least, the consultation should come to Bristol .

"We should have a public event and a public consultation to see what the people of Bristol think about this.

"Lots of people in Bristol know about Hinkley, but Oldbury is not a place that many of us know about. Lots of people in Bristol don't know there will be a nuclear reactor within nine miles of the city."


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