New nuclear energy plant makes no sense

Gloucester Gazette, Thursday, December 04, 2008

ANTI-NUCLEAR groups have voiced their fears after energy giant EON said it could build a £4 billion nuclear power station on the banks of the River Severn.

West Gloucestershire Green Party spokesman and Lydney town councillor James Greenwood is based across the river from the proposed site, near the existing Oldbury nuclear power plant.

He said: "We are not very happy about it. We feel that going nuclear is the wrong approach when we can't afford to clean up the sites we've already got.

"It doesn't seem to make any sense at all. Financially long-term nuclear power is not a good option. We need a programme of renewable energy creation and conservation which would bring more jobs.

"People know nuclear is not healthy and just because we've not had any major accidents it doesn't mean, it won't harm people's long-term health.

"It will also establish new targets for terrorists."

Lydney town councillor Derek Biddle echoed fears from the past about leukaemia clusters. He said: "There was a cluster of children with leukaemia but thankfully all of them survived. There were about five of them who all had leukaemia at about the age of 10 or 11, who must be about 40 by now.

"There were also a few instances in Chepstow a few years later and people thought it could have been the power station to blame but nothing was ever proved."

EON has made no secret of its desire to construct more nuclear plants and has already signed a deal with National Grid under which it could transmit electricity from Oldbury.

A spokeswoman said: "No decision has been made and it is unlikely we would extend the life of the power station but there are various things we are looking at so potentially the site at Oldbury could house a new power station.

"We are in the first stages of development but it shows our interest and that it is a feasible site for a new station.

"We are looking to build two nuclear power stations in the UK and this could one potential site."


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