N-plants will cause years of misery on the West's roads

Friday, October 24, 2008 Western Daily Press

The A39 is a narrow, busy commuter road connecting Minehead and Bridgwater and all the village and town communities in between.

Some journalists have described it as one of their favourite travel routes because of its beautiful rural and coastal views of the Somerset landscape.

As a regular commuter along this road, I do fear that if EDF get planning permission to build two of the largest nuclear power stations in Europe at Hinkley Point and the adjoining farm land, there will be seven years of traffic congestion and chaos because of the huge increase of construction traffic and the movements of thousands of workers associated with the building of huge industrial complexes.

Regular local road users know that it does not take much to cause huge delays on this road. Impatient drivers trying to overtake slower traffic on this narrow winding road cause road accidents and delays of many hours on this casualty- strewn road!

When the A and B stations were built in the 1960s and 1970s there was much less traffic on this road and the reactors were not built at the same time. Commuters, local residents and tourists - beware of many years of traffic chaos if they build these two unnecessary reactors.

Allan Jeffery, Assistant Coordinator, Stop Hinkley, Bridgwater


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