Western Daily Press, 12 July 2008

British Energy has confirmed it wants to build two new nuclear plants "as soon as possible" and has earmarked land next to Hinkley Point, in Somerset .

Hinkley already has two power stations, A and B, but Paul Spence, head of strategy at British Energy, says the company is "very keen" to build further plants, C and D.Mr Spence said: "We are very keen to be involved in Hinkley C and D. We have been looking at the prospect of a new twin station here for a good few years.

"We think that Hinkley is a very good site, with a number of important ingredients, such as access to cooling water, the grid access. We think it's a very, very good prospect."

But opponents remain unconvinced. Anti-nuclear campaigner Colin Rogers said: "It doesn't have any place in the UK whatsoever."


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