Bristol Evening Post, 29 December 2007

Campaigners have made further calls for a reactor at Oldbury nuclear power station to be shut down for good - a year before the entire plant is decommissioned. The site, near Thornbury, started supplying electricity to the national grid again in the summer after a series of problems meant it could not generate power for a long period.

Although reactor one is still awaiting approval to begin operating again, reactor two was brought back into use in August after a two-year break. The 39-year-old station is now entering its final year before being decommissioned next December.

Under a schedule of maintenance, the reactor should be turned off again for checks at the end of January.

But because of the short time for which it has currently been in use, an application had been made to postpone certain aspects of maintenance so it can continue operating until its final closure.

The request was attacked by Shut Oldbury Campaign's spokesman Jim Duffy, who said: "For Oldbury to make this request is completely outrageous and could have unthinkable consequences. Shutting it finally now is the only safe option."

But Oldbury plant manager Pete Harper said: " We would not seek to run the reactors if it was not safe to do so."


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