New power station for Hinkley?

By Dan Sales, Bridgwater Mercury, 28th November 2007

SIGNS another nuclear plant could be powering its way to Hinkley Point were revealed this week - and slammed by protest groups within hours.

On Tuesday (November 27) British Energy announced news of how it was continuing preparation of potential sites before the Government's expected decision on the future of nuclear energy in 2008.

Hinkley was named among Sizewell, Dungeness and Bradwell as a site that could be redeveloped to provide electricity for the nation.

But protest group Stop Hinkley reacted with horror to the possibility a new station could be coming to Somerset.

Spokesman Jim Duffy said a Hinkley C was not needed and said the Government should be looking towards renewable and green options instead.

"The industry's jitters about terrorism were shown to me recently when I was stopped no less than four times outside the power station by police or security while filming with a regional TV company," he said.

"This technology requires stringent security but one day it might fail with unthinkable consequences."

British Energy spokesman chief executive Bill Coley said the firm's existing sites all had potential for replacement nuclear and the company had suitable land at all locations.

"But it's about much more than land. We are building the foundations for replacement nuclear by continuing and strengthening our excellent relationships and dialogue with local communities," he said.

"Our skilled and experienced staff also live locally and provide a healthy flow of skills and talent into the business.

"Our good relationships with our regulators and experience in UK regulation are also key factors, and we continue to work closely with the full range of nuclear industry regulators to meet some of the most stringent standards in the global nuclear industry."

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