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Somerset County Gazette , 4th October 2007

Campaign's prominent show in Energy Review

Supporters of the local campaign group Stop Hinkley were the third most significant group after Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace in a national consultation, it was announced this week.

Members of the group submitted more than one-in-ten of the letters in last year's Government Energy Review.

Over five thousand responses were sent to Government, offering various views on how the UK should produce its energy while reducing carbon emissions and maintaining supply.

About two thirds of respondents were opposed to nuclear power.

Individuals who identified themselves with local group Stop Hinkley numbered 540, following behind the two national groups Friends of the Earth 1,408, and Greenpeace 987.

Nuclear operator British Energy despite promoting a third nuclear power station at Hinkley - was not mentioned in the list analysing the source of responses, suggesting employees who took part concealed their link to the industry.

Responses from campaigner supporters were 61% of the total, those from non-affiliated individuals 22% and from organisations 14%.

The news emerged as the current 2007 nuclear consultation draws to a close on October 10.

Last year's consultation was deemed 'flawed and misleading' by a High Court Judge who slammed the Government for providing biased and partial information to the public on nuclear power.

The Government was forced into rerunning a consultation on the disputed nuclear element of the 2006 review.

Stop Hinkley has submitted an updated submission. [Click here to read it]

Jim Duffy, spokesman for Stop Hinkley said: "We're delighted that so many supporters have used us as the source of their submissions.

"I hope as many people write in and say 'No' to nuclear in the current consultation. Nuclear is proving an expensive project with the only current construction in Finland £1 billion over budget and two years behind schedule."

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