'Bomb me' invitation to terrorists claim Hinkley C opponents

Bridgwater Mercury, 17 January 2006

Stop Hinkley has warned that building another nuclear power station in West Somerset is "like putting up a sign saying to terrorists 'bomb me'."

The anti-nuclear pressure group stood shoulder-to-shoulder with activists Greenpeace last week over the possibility of building a Hinkley C.

The statement came less than two months after the Prime Minister had hinted at a return to nuclear power in the country.

Jim Duffy, spokesman for Stop Hinkley said, "If the most respected nuclear body, the International Atomic Energy Agency says a terrorist attack is now inevitable, we'd be mad to spend billions building a target that could destroy the West."

"Kofi Annan of the United Nations has said the hazardous materials used at power stations make them attractive to terrorists some of whom have been found surveying a nuclear plant in Australia whilst the London bombers last July were found with documents on a UK nuclear power station."

Last year alarm bells began to ring after it was announced that there was going to be a shortfall in power supplies and gas costs were rising - leaving nuclear as a clear front-runner for the future of Britain's power.

He said: "Greenpeace showed they could enter Sizewell nuclear power station and access the Inner Secure Zone through a fire door. Building Hinkley C or Oldbury B would be like putting up a sign 'bomb here' ".

There are at present no plans for another power station in Somerset and Hinkley B is due to decommission in 2011.


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