The Citizen, 16 January 2006

Gloucestershire Green party claims a shocking new report from Greenpeace confirms fears that existing and new nuclear power stations are and will be terrorist targets. Philip Booth, a Gloucestershire Green party spokesperson, said the former sites at Berkeley and Oldbury could be at risk.

He said: "One of the most respected nuclear authorities, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has said that a terrorist attack is now inevitable. "This new report shows that a new nuclear power station at Oldbury would be a serious mistake.

"Greenpeace have shown they can easily breach security at nuclear power stations when they got into the Secure Zone at Sizewell through a fire door.

"We know already that terrorists have been found surveying a nuclear reactor in Australia and last July the London bombers were found with documents about a UK nuclear power station.

"Greenpeace have now released an online film which ends with a shocking view of a jumbo jet heading directly towards a nuclear facility.

"This is clearly very scary and emotional stuff, but the reality is that these facilities are extremely dangerous.

"It is a madness to be considering building more when we could choose alternative, cheaper and safer renewable energy."


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