Chew Valley Gazette, October 2013

Letter to the Editor

Guess who opposed
a Hinkley nuke?

Guess which politician wrote an excellent article in the Bristol Evening Post of 10 January 2008, titled “Nuclear Is Not The Way Forward”.

The writer explained “why he opposes the building of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset .” In the article he made many good points, relating to factors which have not changed in the interim, such “nuclear is not carbon neutal”.

Who was this wise and principled politician? Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib-Dems, whose Ed Davey gave the planning go-ahead for this very same power station, in March 2013.

Of course the final OK is subject to whatever financial fix can be secured to obscure the astronomic level of public subsidy which may be necessary to make construction feasible.

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