20 Aug 2018: Majority of UK public want to install solar panels, poll finds: More than half of the British public would install solar panels and home batteries to tackle climate change if there was greater assistance from the government, polling has found. More >>>
28 Dec 2017: UK enjoyed 'greenest year for electricity ever' in 2017: The UK has achieved its greenest year ever in terms of how the nation's electricity is generated, National Grid figures reveal. The rise of renewable energy helped break 13 clean energy records in 2017. More >>>
08 Feb 2017: US firm to trial wave power on ‘unprecedented’ scale in Cornwall: GWave has been developing its Power Generation Vessel technology for the past decade and is now preparing to ship the first full-scale prototype across the Atlantic ahead of installation. More >>>
02 Feb 2017: Solar-linked battery storage trial begins in Somerset: The £1 million trial near Butleigh is connected to both the distribution network and a 1.5MW solar farm.. More >>>
01 Sep 2016: Decentralised energy ‘quicker way to decarbonise’ than Hinkley: Decentralised energy would be a quicker solution to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions than Hinkley Point C, the chair of the Renewable Energy Association has insisted. More >>>
21 Jul 2016: Vattenfall commits to £300m UK offshore windfarm despite Brexit: Aberdeen Bay windfarm near Donald Trump golf course will be key testing ground for reducing cost of offshore turbines. More >>>
13 Jul 2016: Stop Hinkley Campaign Gains Vivienne Westwood As Patron: Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE has announced that she will become a patron of Stop Hinkley as a result of EDF Energy’s plans to build two large new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. More >>>
06 Jun 2016: Factcheck: Which parts of the UK are windy enough for windfarms?: Onshore windfarms offer the cheapest form of new electricity generation in the UK, says the chief executive of industry group RenewableUK, as long as they are at windy locations. More >>>
12 May 2016: Subsidy U-turn clouds future of major Scottish windfarm: Developers of an offshore windfarm have taken legal action after vital subsidies were withdrawn. More >>>
28 Feb 2016: Top lobbying group in historic green energy U-turn: Energy UK, which represents big six providers, now supports phasing out coal-fired stations, after years of defending use of fossil fuels. More >>>
Feb 2016: The solution is to crack on with renewables: The dire financial state of our local authorities is not only caused by the severe reduction of government support but also the fact that EDF is demanding huge business rate rebates for Hinkley Point B. More >>>
05 Jan 2016: Record wind output reaches 11 per cent of UK power in 2015: In 2014 on- and off-shore wind generation made up 9.5 per cent of the UK’s power generation mix. More >>>
28 Jan 2016: Solar Faces Off Against Nuclear Power’s Latest White Elephant: Opponents of Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant got something to cheer about last summer, when questions over funding brought a halt to preliminary work at the site. The delay gave solar energy advocates an opportunity to assemble more evidence that Hinkley C would result in a colossal shock for UK ratepayers compared to alternative sources. More >>>
22 Nov 2015: Paris climate change talks: Political will to tackle global warming is building, says Jonathon Porritt: Former Green Party chair Jonathon Porritt has traditionally been pessimistic about world leaders' efforts but he is encouraged by pledges from more than 160 nations to cut carbon emissions by 2030. More >>>
10 Nov 2015: Energy secretary 'resisting' Treasury cuts to renewable heat scheme as she admits UK will miss key EU target: Amber Rudd is understood to be in talks with George Osborne in a bid to avoid deep cuts to a scheme which helps homeowners pay for low carbon energy. More >>>
09 Jul 2015: Osborne's £3.9bn stealth attack on renewables: The UK government kicked away one of the main financial supports for renewable energy in yesterday's budget. More >>>
17 May 2015: Locals to get veto over wind farms: LOCAL residents will be able to block all future onshore wind farms under new measures to be fast-tracked into law, the new energy secretary has announced. More >>>
11 May 2015: Hinkley Point protest group calls for re-think by new Tory government: Stop Hinkley has called on the new government to raise its ambitions on energy policy. More >>>
23 Nov 2014: Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels: For the solar and wind industries in the United States it has been a long-held dream: to produce energy at a cost equal to conventional sources like coal and natural gas. More >>>
01 Oct 2014: Solar farms and wind turbines on Exmoor? About time, too: Far from being blight on the landscape, solar farms are often miles away from the nearest eye and turbines add a certain dynamism to often bleak landscapes, says Chris Rundle. More >>>
01 Sep 2014: Campaigners tell EDF Energy business to give up nuclear ambitions for Somerset: Anti-nuclear campaigners have called on EDF Energy to give up its nuclear ambitions for Somerset and elsewhere following a report from a multinational investment bank which says it is time to "join the solar revolution". More >>>
10 Jul 2014: EDF nuclear deal is a bad economic bet: Rising renewables output makes promise to buy Hinkley Point electricity at twice its current price a costly gamble. More >>>
12 May 2014: Ukraine crisis underlines importance of UK renewable energy: City financier, Guy Hands, calls on government not to ignore energy security after instability in eastern Europe. More >>>
12 May 2014: Solar industry leads 14% rise in renewables jobs, global data shows: China emerges as top employer, followed by US and Brazil , but employment in the UK is stagnating. More >>>
25 Apr 2014: Should wind power in the UK be scaled back?: Maria McCaffery and Mark Wallace debate the costs, subsidies and future of windfarms. 'Onshore wind will be cheaper than new nuclear.' More >>>
24 Apr 2014: Will Tory plans kill onshore wind in the UK?: Energy minister Michael Fallon says the UK has enough onshore wind. Will new plans to pull subsidies and change planning permission mean the end of the industry? More >>>
15 Apr 2014: Renewable energy could cut energy bills - but the government must help: The big six still present obstacles, but pioneering local projects in the south-west are showing what can be achieved independently. More >>>
24 Oct 13: Renewable energy boss tells PM solar power could match Hinkley in 2 years: A director at the UK 's leading solar power generator has written to Prime Minister Cameron describing how the UK PV sector could match the capacity of the planned nuclear power station at Hinkley within just two years. More >>>
16 Sep 13: Pentland Firth tidal turbine project given consent: Work is to begin on the largest tidal energy project in Europe after the Scottish government granted permission. More >>>
15 Sep 13: Brazil Cools on Nuclear Power Plans; Favors Wind: Brazil will probably scale down its plans for new nuclear plants due to safety concerns following the 2011 radiation leak in Japan and pick up some of the slack with a "revolution" in wind power. More >>>
04 Feb 13: Windfarms break energy record in Spain: Over the last three months wind farms produced more electricity than any other power source in Spain for the first time ever. More >>>
26 Sep 12: It's a myth that wind turbines don't reduce carbon emissions: Conclusive figures show that the sceptics who lobby against wind power simply have their facts wrong. More >>>
13 Jul 12: Renewable Revolution or Nuclear Nightmare?: The rapid spread of solar power across China, India, Africa and Latin America is being driven not by subsidy but by the market. More >>>
22 May 12: Only renewables - not nuclear - could be too cheap to meter: Germany's long support for wind and solar energy is delivering zero-cost electricity at times. In contrast, the UK's new energy policy seeks to underwrite the rising cost of nuclear. More >>>
11 Mar 12: UK opposes a 2030 renewable energy target: Fledgling green industries could be hit as document reveals move to put nuclear power on equal footing with renewable energy More >>>
14 Nov 11: £50m deal as wind turbine land goes to nuclear plant: Lady Elizabeth Gass, who is the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset, is reported by the Sunday Times to have become a beneficiary of Britain's dash for nuclear power with the sale of 230 acres of Quantock Hills land to energy company EDF. More >>>
13 Nov 11: Ofgem study 'undermines' case for nuclear: Plans being considered by the industry regulator could undermine the prospect of new UK nuclear power plants. The cost of feeding the north of Scotland's renewable energy into the national power grid could fall by 80% under the proposals. More >>>
25 Oct 11: Renewables could be UK's major power source by 2030: The UK could be primarily powered by a secure and inexhaustible supply of renewable energy by 2030 without the need for new nuclear power plants, according to a report commissioned by WWF. More >>>
06 Sep 11: Is solar the future for energy production?: Green entrepreneur Jeremy Leggett advocates following China and Germany 's move towards investment in solar power now that start-up costs are falling drastically. Wall Street has developed an aversion to solar-company stocks. Yet in the USA , solar jobs now outnumber steel jobs and in Germany solar jobs outnumber nuclear jobs. More >>>
18 Oct 10: Government scraps Severn barrage plans: THE Government today scrapped multi-billion pound plans for a huge tidal barrage between Brean Down and Wales and poured its support instead into new nuclear reactors such as Hinkley C. Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy, said the Severn Estuary barrage would cost £30billion and there was no "strategic case" for publicly funding it. More >>>
20 Oct 09: Wind farm bid near planned nuclear plant: AN ENERGY company is proposing to build up to nine wind turbines just a few miles from another of its sites earmarked for a controversial new nuclear power station. EDF Energy Renewables (EDF ER) has released plans to develop a new wind farm at Withy Farm, Puriton, near Bridgwater in Somerset. More >>>
Crippling blow

May 14 2008,
The Guardian, Eco-soundings, John Vidal

There have long been fears that a new generation of nuclear power will be at the expense of renewable energy, and now proof emerges from an unlikely corner. Super-confident French-owned utility firm EDF is planning to buy British Energy, the owner of most UK reactors, and to build two giant new reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Sadly, it finds that there is barely space for one on the old nuclear site. So the company is now thought to be quietly buying up nearby land. The trouble is, it's earmarked for a nine-turbine windfarm.

16 Apr 09: Nuclear not the answer: It is neither surprising nor worthy of criticism that a number of trade unions should unite in support of government proposals for new nuclear power stations. But recourse to nuclear power is not just a matter for those with a direct stake in jobs or for the private corporations that can expect a profits bonanza from this nuclear expansion. It concerns us all. More >>>
12 Jun 08: BARRAGE IS A WASTE OF TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY: Building a barrage across the Severn to help Britain go green does not make economic sense, says a report out today. Consultants say electricity produced by the massive £15 billion dam across the Bristol Channel would be about twice as expensive as using other alternative sources of energy. More>>>
16 May 08: Wind farm death knell fears: FEARS that the death knell has been sounded for West Hinkley wind farm were raised this week, with the sale of its rights to Electricite de France (EDF). The energy firm has already announced its interest in investing in nuclear energy and bought the rights for the wind farm from Your Energy. More>>>
15 May 08: ENERGY GIANT TAKES RIGHTS TO WIND FARM: A French energy company has drastically reduced the chances of wind turbines being built at West Hinkley and is instead expected to build more nuclear reactors. EDF Energy has purchased the rights to the proposed windfarm at West Hinkley from Your Energy, with the aim of developing a new nuclear site nearby, expected to have one or two 1,600MW nuclear reactors. More>>>
14 May 08: CAMPAIGNERS CONDEMN HINKLEY LAND SALE: Environmental campaigners condemned the sale of a proposed wind farm site to a French company planning to build a nuclear power plant on the plot. The site at West Hinkley, Somerset , has been bought by Electricite de France (EDF), one of the world's largest nuclear power generators. More>>>
09 Oct 07: Huge wind farm scheme is approved: The government has approved a plan to build Devon 's largest wind farm. Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks has given Devon Wind Power the go-ahead for its 66MW Fullabrook Down wind project. More >>>
04 Jul 06. WIND OF CHANGE AT COUNTY HALL AS COUNCIL LEADS ENERGY REVOLUTION The great wind farm debate looks set to enter a new phase as a council prepares to launch a project that could mean dozens more turbines springing up across the landscape. In a bid to meet Government demands for authorities to produce more renewable energy, Somerset County Council is putting the finishing touches to a Wind Energy Initiative. More >>>
28 Feb 06: Wind-farms are still very much in the frame as far as all the major environmental groups are concerned and, according to the World Wildlife Fund, are part of an energy mix which is cheaper once nuclear power is phased out. More >>>
01 Feb 06: European record for wind power: over 6,000 MW installed in 2005 - Wind energy has surpassed EC White Paper targets for 2010. More >>>

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Fullabrook Wind Farm, situated between Barnstaple and Ilfracombe in North Devon, will consist of 22 turbines. It is estimated that once it is operational, the wind farm will provide sufficient electricity for nearly 30,000 domestic households. Construction is underway and the wind farm is expected to be operational in the last quarter of 2011.

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