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'Wolves of Water' by Chris Busby, 2006 publishers Green Audit Books 2006, Aberystwyth , SY23 1DZ, Wales, UK. ISBN 1-897761-26-0. Read this first; it contains everything you need to know about everything nuclear, from atom bomb tests to leukaemia to political cover-up to compromised public health protection.

'Nuclear Power is not the Answer' by Helen Caldicott 2006. ISBN:978-1-59558-067-2 Read this second; Dr Caldicott covers a more global nuclear power picture, particularly US machinations.

'CERRIE Minority Report 2004' Authors: Richard Bramhall, Chris Busby, Paul Dorfman.
ISBN 0-9543081-1-5 This report provides strong biological and epidemiological evidence that current models of hazard from radioactivity inside the human body underestimate risks by at least 100 and possibly up to 1,000 times.

'ECRR 2010: Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk'
ISBN: 978-1-897761-16-8, Health Effects of Ionising Radiation Exposure at Low Doses for Radiation Protection Purposes. Covers the problems with using Hiroshima data to set current health risk levels now that we know internal exposure to low radiation levels by inhalation and ingestion disrupt cell replication cycles and interfere with human DNA.

'ECRR Chernobyl: 20 Years On - Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident'
ISBN: 1-897761-15-5, Editors: C C Busby and A V Yablokov An invaluable archive of contributions from Russian and European scientists on the true effects the Chernobyl accident had and continues to have on the exposed populations, including those in Scandinavia and the UK.

'Wings of Death - Nuclear Pollution and Human Health' by Chris Busby 1995. Publishers: Green Audit, Aberystwyth ISBN: 1-897761-03-1. This book has some eye opening ideas on nuclear pollution, the links to cancer and a very credible hypothesis about the initiation of cancers. It is a very important book.

'The non-cancer mortality experience of male workers at British Nuclear Fuels plc, 1946-2005' Authors: Dave McGeoghegan, Keith Binks, Michael Gillies, Steve Jones and Steve Whaley. International Journal of Epidemiology 4 March 2008, Westlakes Scientific Consulting: This large study of 65,000 men employed at Sellafield reprocessing plant between 1946 and 2002 found the risks of death from heart attacks and strokes increased with exposure to higher levels of radiation.

'Infant and Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirths near Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset, 1993-2005' Authors Dr Chris Busby, Mirielle de Messieres, Saoirse Morgan.

'Cancer Mortality and Proximity to Hinkley point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset 1995-1998' Authors: Chris Busby PhD, Paul Dorfman BSc, Helen Rowe BA
'Part 1: Breast Cancer'

'Part 2: Prostate Cancer'
'Part 3: All malignancies, lung and stomach cancer. Summary'

'Cancer Mortality and Proximity to Oldbury Nuclear Power Station in Gloucestershire 1995-1999'. Chris Busby PhD, Paul Dorfman BSc, Helen Rowe BA, Bruce Kocjan BSc

  • The above epidemiological studies illustrate how excess cancers around Hinkley and Berkeley nuclear sites can be related to exposure to carcinogenic radioisotopes carried by wind and tide to coastal communities.

Evidence of significant enriched uranium atomic fuel contamination of the Hinkley Point proposed nuclear site in Somerset and its potential implications by Chris Busby & Cecily Collingridge 2011. Publishers: Green Audit, Aberystwyth.

'THE LANGUAGE OF LIFE; DNA AND THE REVOLUTION IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE' Author: Francis Collins. ISBN 978 1 84668 353 4. Published in GB in 2010 by Profile Books Ltd.

Radioactive Rivers and Rain: Routine Releases of Tritiated Water From Nuclear Power Plants By Annie Makhijani and Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D. Science for Democratic Action. August 2009.

'Mortality among workers at the Savannah River Site' American Journal of Industrial Medicine, December 2007 Authors: Dr David B Richardson, University of North Carolina. This study is of 19,000 employees of the Savannah River Site, South Carolina which has processed nuclear materials since the 1950s.

'Childhood Leukemia in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants in Germany' German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) 2007 (popularly known as the KIKK study) BfS commissioned this University of Mainz study which found that between 1980-2003, 77 children developed cancer near 16 nuclear sites, against a statistical average of 48. The German Federal Minister for Environment, Sigmar Gabriel, has now asked the Radiation Protection Commission to undertake a follow up study into causalities between nuclear power plants and leukaemia in children.

'Meta-Analysis of Standardized Incidence and Mortality Rates of Childhood Leukaemia in Proximity to Nuclear Facilities 2007' Authors: Baker P J & Hoel D G (2007) European Journal of Cancer Care 16, 355-363. Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA . © 2007 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

'Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation May Cause Harm' Authors: Richard R Monson, James S Cleaver. The National Academy of Sciences, BEIR VII report June 29 2005. This is one of many sources in 'Nuclear Power is not the Answer' by Helen Caldicott. It supports other publications in linking radiation exposure to heart attacks and strokes.

'Doses to the Embryo and Foetus from Intakes of Radionucleides by the Mother'. ICRP (2001) Publication 88 Ann. ICRP 31 (1-3)

'Still fighting for Gemma' by Susan D'Arcy & Rob Edwards 1995. ISBN 978-0747521860. At the age of three, Gemma D'Arcy was diagnosed as having a rare and incurable form of leukaemia. Her mother Susan became convinced that radiation from the nearby Sellafield plant where her husband worked was the cause.

'Childhood cancer near German nuclear power plants' by Alfred Körblein, 1997. Published by Munich Environmental Institute (Umweltinstiut München e.V.). An official German study by the Institute of Medical Statistics and Documentation (IMSD), University of Mainz (Germany). The study was based on data from the German Childhood Cancer Registry.

'Leukaemia Incidence in Somerset with Particular Reference to Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station' Somerset Health Authority 1988: C Bowie MCRP MFCM and P D Ewings PhD Referred to in the above 'All malignancies...' paper by Dr Busby.

'Incidence of Leukaemia in Young People in the Vicinity of Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station 1959-1986' Authors: Ewings P D, Bowie C, Phillips M J Johnson S A., British Medical Journal 1989 299 (6694):289-93. [or contact Stop Hinkley for pdf]


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