Day of Action at Springfield 27 April 2019

Katy Attwater and other colleagues from Stop Hinkley supported the demonstration at Springfield in Lancashire. This site imports raw mined Uranium from all over the world and processes it into fuel rods for nuclear power stations and weapons grade uranium for war heads. These are then exported back all over the world to the Arabs, the Russians, the Chinese, et al.

The UK is one of the main players in this game/industry.

The Nuclear Industry is claiming to be our saviour against Climate Change. What they aren’t telling us is that the Nuclear Fission Process in all the power stations all over the world is releasing massive amounts of energy/heat from the splitting of the atom in their reactors.

This energy was safely stored deep under the ground in the Uranium Ore before we started digging it up and grinding it into dust, treating it with acid to make it into yellow cake. We do this mining in the poorest parts of the world where indigenous people are experiencing the most awful suffering and deprivation from a cruel industry that destroys their environment and moves on, leaving them sick and broken.

Every part of this process is poisoning Grandmother Earth, her children, her plants and her animals and choking her to death. Uranium is the oldest fossil fuel and the most deadly.

The electricity that nuclear power gives us is a tiny by-product of this outrageous process. Only 5% of the energy used in the world comes from Nuclear.

  • Ever heard of E(energy/heat) = M(Uranium) x C(speed of light) squared?

All the cooling towers and waters and wars are pumping this heat into the atmosphere in addition to the heat being created by fossil fuels.

Nuclear Fission bypasses the CO2 cycle of Global Warming and delivers the heat directly to the oceans and the land. No wonder the sea is warming so fast!


A bit more information about the Nuclear Industry and Uranium mining that is hard to hear but needs to be spoken.

At the end of our day of protest in Springfield on Saturday, a group of us spoke by Webinar with three activists trying to protect their communities from Uranium mining.

They were Leona Morgan from New Mexico, Candyce Paul from Saskatchewan and Ashish Birulee from India. They are brave, passionate and eloquent people. The stories they told of how their people and their communities are being destroyed by Uranium mining broke my heart.

The mining companies choose remote locations with small indigenous populations where there is little work. They exploit the people and the land till both are destroyed. The mining company then moves on. The land is left destroyed with no attempt at restoration. Google “Pictures of Uranium Mines” and see for yourself.

Ashish Birulee's community in India has been exploited for the last 60 years and the children are born sick and deformed and the adults have a list of health issues as long as your arm. Life expectancy is very short.

Things you can do:-

  • Stop flying.
  • Turn down your central heating and wear a warm jumper.
  • Say no to Nuclear Power.
  • Say yes to Renewable Energy.
  • Live as sustainably as you can.
  • Rant and rave about it and have fun



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