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Stop Hinkley members jumped aboard the Bristol CND bus on Easter Sunday April 1st to join the throng of protesters going to AWE Aldermaston. It wasn’t lost on any of those present that we were saying once again what April Fools our governments have been all these years on, spending billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction.

The banner “Can’t believe we are still protesting against this shit” with a backdrop of the nuclear weapons testing establishment showed that many of the assembled crowd had been present on the original protest marches and were still angry that successive governments are continuing with nuclear weapons.

We took the Stop Hinkley banner to draw people’s attention once again to the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. see: NucPower&WeaponsLinkLeaflet.pdf

We were informed that the treaty to stop nuclear weapons has now been signed by 122 countries; UK can be ashamed that we are, of course, not on the list.

Music played, prayers were said, food was shared and a special moment was made as flowers were placed on the railings to remember Phillip Wearne and Marg Behrman who both worked so hard for a world free of war and weapons.

Jo Smoldon


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